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Bik Bar

You do not have to high IQ to understand that "birthdaywish" is not my name. Yes, this is just a pen name. I am Bik Bar.

Why I am here?

To sooth my creative soul, and to write something about which I have my personal interests, I have joined HubPages. Actually, I want to write some interesting hubs about happy birthday wishes. There will be many hubs containing birthday wishes, quotes and messages from me for you.

Why my hubs will be different?

My hubs will be different because I shall not just copy and paste messages from elsewhere. I’ll write those by using my own brain. So, those will be original and interesting.

I want to convert this sub-domain into a full resource of anything and everything related to my subject topic. Besides writing interesting article posts I shall also populate them with cute photos and cards designed by yours truly. My ultimate aim is to please the readers.

Readers are the soul and blood for any website and my webspace is also depended on them. If you are a reader you can check my hubs regarding birthday wishes to girls, dad, grandma, baby girls or husband. I have also created hubs about landmark birthdays like the 18th or the 10th. Check all my hubs from the list given below.

Feel free to share my posts to your friends. Do not hesitate to comment and give your opinions. Valuable advises are always welcome so also are the criticisms.