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Brenda Kyle

4/28/19 I am a healer. I empower people to self-heal with 10 perceptive habits to rebalance your body, mind and spirit. I am completing training in Ayurveda June 2019. On Facebook, I have a FREE group - Perceptive Habits. In January 2020 I am offering a one year program to help you reach that goal. We learn as a dynamic group and on a deep level of developing ourselves towards easeful living.

The second area of healing is Ancestral healing. This is a deep level, multi-person healing of patterns that occur in a family. I guide people through this process to stop patterns, anything you so "Oh that is just in our genes." - It doesn't have to be. The good news, you don't have to know your relatives to do this healing.

The articles I share now are related to Ayurveda and Ancestral Healings. Since Ayurveda connects us more with our ecosystems/nature, I will include gardening, edible weeds and recipes. We use the InstantPot a great deal, so recipes will cover those instructions as well. Yoga is interconnected with Ayurveda, so I can offer recommendations that will meet specific needs.

I am a Kansas City, Missouri lady. My current hobbies are gardening, wild crafting and felting wool, mostly needle felting.