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Hi! My name is Corey. Hubpages is a home to writing for me because I make money and I can write about various interests. Vintage collectibles, interior decoration, crafts, cooking and natural health are a few of the interests I chase. Share a comment with me, follow me, read me...and just a quick thanks for stopping by.

I have written award winning poetry and am currently working on a novel.


microbrew beer Looking for a good beer? My blog explores micro-breweries and craft ales. Check it out!

messages from my mom A humorous look at a Mom's text messages sent to her family. Stories of a crazy childhood and fun rule this page.

what is an artist trading card More insight to art cards and ACEO. This blog will announce art card swaps and feature new and popular artists.

simply skin naturals remedies using natural ingredients for skin care. You can make these simple to use recipes at home.

chocolate and yoga Learn about antioxidant properties of food, organic nutrition and guides to a healthy life style.


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