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Catherine Tally

Catherine earned a BA in art from the University of Puget Sound and found her niche in the creative fields of art materials and the custom framing business as both a retail manager and a manufacturer's sales representative. After raising a family and devoting many years to mentoring and leading Girl Scouts, Catherine followed her heart to the green industry and earned her certification as a California Nursery Professional. Although officially retired, she still enjoys working alongside clients as a consultant where she can build their confidence in growing gardens and share her knowledge of plants and integrated pest management on a more personal basis.

As one who has a life-long appreciation for the outdoors from childhood summers in the San Gabriel mountains to weekends of hiking, stream fishing and photography, Catherine takes her cues from nature and has faith in its ability to adapt and survive. She believes that we, as stewards of our environment, should respect the purpose of all living things and realize that our actions, even those with the best of intentions, affect the balance of our natural world. Catherine has many interests that inspire her writing whether its informative articles, poetry, or creative fiction. Writing is one of her greatest passions.

"The greatest beauty is organic wholeness

The wholeness of life and things,

The divine beauty of the universe.

Love that, not man apart from that."

Robinson Jeffers