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Cathy Le Feuvre

Hi I'm Cathy Le Feuvre - an author/ writer, broadcaster and media consultant based in the Channel Islands ... that's a set of British islands just off the French coast of Normandy.

On the writing front, I've published 4 books so far:

- 'William and Catherine- the love story of the founders of The Salvation Army told through their letters' was my first, published by Monarch in 2013.

- 'The Armstrong Girl : A Child for Sale: The Battle Against the Victorian Sex Trade' (Lion Books) - was published in June 2015.

- 'Life Lines' (Authentic Media) a fiction about two friends which I've co-authored with Debbie Duncan is out now and is lots of fun!

- 'A Girl with a Mind of Her Own: The Story of Gisèle Gowans' is a biography of a prominent Salvation Army international leader which was published in March 2015 (Shield Books/The Salvation Army).

You may find me on LinkedIn, on Twitter (@cathylefeuvre) and on Instagram and on my official Cathy Le Feuvre - Author facebook page! Hope to see you there!

My background is in journalism, print and broadcast, as a reporter, producer and presenter. In past years I've worked in media PR for large UK charities, specifically in the faith based (religious) sector and in training for media PR.

Now, in addition to working on new creative ideas, I currently I work as the Communities Producer at BBC Radio Jersey - working with the community to profile their stories. I also work as a producer and sometimes presenter of the Sunday Breakfast show, specialising in faith and ethical matters. Mad I know but it pays the bills!

If you want to find out more about me and what I've done and what I'm doing and writing about on my blog please check out my website -