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I love anything that inspires me! I am blessed to have a husband from whom I draw inspiration from most.Together we're raising three beautiful kids and loving all the adventures that come along with it! I greatly value my family and friends, cherishing every minute spent with them. Amazing art, side splitting humor, great food, and thought provoking conversations are some of the things that keep my interest. I've always had a passion for photography and writing. I enjoy the challenge of keeping fit, staying healthy, increasing my knowledge, and whether it's online or out and about, I love to shop!

 I try to keep my sights set on the beauty and simplicity that surrounds me, and greatly appreciate any connections I make with others who positively influence me, challenge me, and make an impact on my life. I've become hooked on Hubpages, inspired by many writers who share a love of writing and have much knowledge to offer. I love reading and gaining insight into the lives and experiences of others, while expanding in my imagination and creativity as well. I appreciate you reading my perspective through these hubs, welcoming any comments and suggestions. I'm excited to have this opportunity to share a little about my world everday!