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Sometimes it just helps to know that someone else is going through the same things. Here are a few of my stories and lessons I'm learning as I jump into the world of being a homeschool mom.

As a substitute teacher, a basketball coach, a mom, an aunt, a youth group leader, a product of public schools and private christian college, I've seen a lot of what education has to offer kids. I want more for mine. I feel not all kids are given the opportunities they need to succeed in our school system. They need attention, they need our time, they need character training/teaching.

I used to think homeschooled kids were a little different growing up. Now I want my kids to be different. It may be less accepted by the culture but I believe God equiped parents to be the best teachers for their children. I intend to give my kids the best I can.

Oh and in case you're still reading and maybe wondering, I love God, my husband, my kids, family, and friends. I'm blessed beyond what I deserve and I'm saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ dying on the cross for my sins.

 ****Ok for anyone that actually reads this..I don't have time to blog and there are others that are wonderful at it. I'm realizing what my strengths are and aren't. Blogging has not been one of them. Thankfully being a mom is! Homeschooling is wonderful, amazing, and tons of hard work. If you are considering it, make sure the Lord is calling you to do it. If He is, know that you are and will continue to be blessed! Enjoy your children. Life's greatest blessing is love and getting to be apart of it. Thank you Father! updated 11/17/13

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