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My real name is Daisy Ba-ad and in Mae West fashion "When I'm good, I'm bad but when I'm Ba-ad, I'm better!" I usually play around with my family name to aid those who don't get it the first time. My other version uses Michael Jackson's .."yes I'm Ba-ad, I'm Ba-ad.." complete with choreography. That usually breaks the ice and a hearty conversation usually follows suit.

I write plays and direct them as well. I love directing musicals but I also do corporate events, special events and some television specials. I also give motivational talks, design and conduct training programs for corporate groups, educational institutions, private organizations and the like. And when I have enough time I do hosting stints for very special friends.

My latest avatar features a photo taken late last year as part of the pictorials for Siddhartha Musical. I used Photoshop to include the butterfly and putting in the illusion of me eagerly looking out the window to signify the welcoming of "transformational" experiences in my life which includes meeting new people who happen to chance upon this profile page.

I do much of my work through Out of the Box Training & Productions a company I established mid 2003. I move in a highly visible arena and an exciting one at that but when the "curtains come down" I'm simply a person who enjoys discovering all the abundance life and love holds. That's the reason why hubber Ripplemaker and I built a site called Loving Abundance.

Thanks to Ripplemaker I found a treasure in the form of Hubpages. In fact, it was our experience here in Hubpages that motivated us to make a site of our own. Gold nuggets abound in this place.

First I discovered it to be a Healing place:

How Howpages becomes a Healing Ground , Another Way of Viewing the Beatitudes , Ripplemaker's Love: How It can Heal You, Violet Sun's Being Hearing Impaired in a Noisy World

Next I found out I could learn much from this community.

Shirley Anderson's Places to Sell Your Writing, PGrundy's How To Make Money Writing Online , Isabella Snow's Finding the Perfect Jeans for a Big Booty., and Maddie Rudd's Free Recipe Database-Fat-Free,Sugar-Free,Low-Fat

It also became a venue to share my theater experience:

Creating a Better Life Using Improvisation and Theater Therapy 101, and Mad About Theater.

Then I found out that many Angels dwell around here:

They Hub Among Us, Love Burst from HubAngles-1 , Ripplemaker's Angel's Among Us, G-Ma Johnsons's Yet Another Angel Here in Hubpages and My Angel from India, RMR's An Angel in My Home

Hubpages also became a place to share a lot of loving:

Love is not the Answer It is Our Being, How to Love: A 5-Step Process. 10 Ways to Spot Unconditional Love and Dottie1's I am Loved You are Loved

There are several thousands more of diamonds that can be discovered in Hubpages. Join us now and be part of this abundantly beautiful community. Just Sign up Now and you're off to a prosperous journey ahead.

Enjoy life and love:)