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Debbie Murray

Child abuse, rape, annorexia, drugs, suicide. Do any of them apply to you? Are you depressed, broken inside, angry, ashamed or addicted? I have been through every single horror mentioned above. My life was once an extremely dark place with no direction, dreams or joy. However one day in the depth of darkness, in a episode where my life hung in the balance, I made a decision to set myself free.

I am known for my heart felt stories of how I took hold of my life again and healed in the process. Im not a stranger to Hubpages, a lot of you will know me here as a writer called Blondepoet . I share everything I've been through in my life, in many of my stories, all which will leave you with hope and a warm heart. By reading my highs and triumphs you will be inspired to move forward too, in your life, breaking the chains that have kept you enslaved.

On a final note I must confess I have a wicked sense of humour. Aside from my more serious style of writing I am renowned for I also write outrageous, funny, eccentric tales, that not even I as the author quite knows where it comes from. Laughter is something we all need more of in our lives, and you will find plenty here. Feel free to drop me a line on any of my stories and say hi.