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Derek Slark

I was undecided whether to use an alias or write under my own name; I decided that I would go with my own name. The reasons for this are firstly, there are not many of us Slarks’ in the world so we need to get our name spread around, and secondly, it would be like a self-enforcing accountability in that I would only write articles that I would be happy to put my name to.

 My interests, if you are interested, are Retro and Modernist design, music, of which I have an eclectic taste, art and photography. I upload selected photos that I wish to offer for sale to the image bank site “Fotolia”. If you are interested in submitting your own photos or you are looking for royalty-free images for your hub, there are now millions to choose from as little as 7 Pence/14 Cents (follow the link ).

So, my Hubs, what will they be about? Well really anything that has taken my interest and that I want to find out more about. If I find the subject interesting, then I believe somewhere there are other people that will too.

Fancy yourself as a writer, then why not join Hubpages and give it a go? You can do it just for fun, or you can make yourself some money, the amount depending on the time and effort you put into it. To join Hubpages, click on the folowing link: