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I've now been on Hubpages for just over nine years and there's been a lot of ups and downs during that time. My hubs got hammered during the Panda updates and with all the changes that Hubpages made to the rules for the site, I decided that it was no longer worth my time to create new hubs or even edit the old ones to bring them into compliance. Oh, occasionally, I'd come back and update a few just out of boredom and apparently that was enough to keep things going.

Now a few years have gone by and guess what? Hubpages is still here! And despite that fact that I've barely touched any of my hubs in years, I'm still getting payouts from the Hubpages Ad program. So I decided to check my Paypal account and see just how much I've been pad by Hubpages in the last 12 months and it turned out to be quite a bit more than expected! Well, that was a nice surprise. So here I am, on an experiment to see if putting a little more time and work into my old hubs will produce even better results. Part of that process is dumping all of the hubs that just don't fit Hubpages anymore. It's sometimes painful. Some of them made me a LOT of money back in the day... but life moves on. And Hubpages is still here. So let's see how things go over the next nine years!