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I am an OL (office lady) working in one of the busiest city in the world - Hong Kong. The non-stop buzz of this city create a fast-paced tempo in my life. Everything is fast and efficient, from walking to dining. I wasn't like this, but I guess this city changed me.

Travelling is one of my biggest passion. So is handicraft works and cooking.

Travelling allows me to immerse in new environment, new faces, new language and new experience. I think life is too short to waste and travelling keeps me busy and going, enriching my life along the way.

Handicrafts and cooking keeps my hands occupied. If I don't move my fingers, my fingers will move to the fridge for the next ice cream or cookie. To keep myself from growing fat, I need to work my fingers. From ribbons to stitching to painting, I love trying them all.

Now, thanks for coming to my hubpages. My collection writeups about whatever interests me at that moment -travelling, cooking, wedding & many more.

My OL life is too mundane; I need dose of excitement and a space for me to dream and smile.

Hope you enjoy my hubpages - it just every piece of happy article touching a part of my life.