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Hi. My name is Diggy. I am a new writer here on HubPages and I welcome all forms of criticism. I love to learn and also love to share my own knowledge.

I enjoy writing on various topics such as foods (I don't necessarily like cooking but I love to eat), music (huge fan of Hip Hop and R&B music), games, education and whatever else I feel like talking about.

I am currently a student with undecided career goals. Hopefully that changes soon. I have found Hubpages to be a great platform to express myself in writing. I love it. There is so much to be learned from this site and so much to share. If you're not a member already, and you're interested in writing about what you love and getting paid for it, then I suggest that you sign up with Hubpages immediately!

I look forward to meeting with new people who share the same interests and others who simply want to share their opinion.