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Gabriel Wilson

Hey everyone!

I live on a small Isle called Madeira, you could say I'm removed from society as in society doesn't live anywhere near me. The odd visit from family and friends only occurs when they surprise me, otherwise I surprise them by not being here. Don't get me wrong I love my family, I just love them more at a distance!

I like the odd G & T or 3, dry sparkling wine is also a favorite tipple and a Guiness now and again to boost the roots. I like to write for myself and also write comissions on almost any topic including poetry, short stories and memoirs. I ghost write for numerous topics and lenghts. I enjoy research projects and the pay check is handy too. I adore words and lucky for me I always have a head full of them. I like photography (for stock photography) mainy of food (poised) and the sea (not poised) and landscapes (Madeira, never poised). I am a positive soul (based on the bbq's I get invited to or perhaps it's my homemade poncha (a rum cocktail) and strawberry pavlova that get the invite and I am just the delivery boy). I do enjoy a giggle but I also realise to be truly happy you must experince the odd down day otherwise you won't appreciate the most up lifting euphoric moments that life can spring on you.

I don't like my friend Johnny or his goat, which happens to be living in my back garden (not a garden anymore but a barren landscape). Thankfully I see less of Johnny these days as he doesn't want his goat back. Thank God for small mercies.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings :-) and thank you for reading.