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G. Lloyd Christensen has been collecting one-sentence humor, inspirational and motivational quotations for more than 30 years. The quotations are from newspapers, magazines and religious periodicals. He believes this type of research is not very common, because most research of this type seems to be done from books. Also, he has a complete reference with each quotation or one-liner, including author's name, the name of the publication, location of the publication and the date of the issue of the publication. He does not use the word "anonymous" in his research. If a quotation was found on a newspaper editorial page, the reference is the name of the newspaper, and the location and date. With the complete references, readers will know exactly where a quotation or joke came from, and will not be left wondering where it was found. Christensen has worked in the fields of newspaper sports journalism, sales, customer service, and marketing research. Some of Christensen's Wealth of Inspiration series of quotation collections can be found in eBay listings.