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Genna East

Genna Eastman grew up in America's Northeast, in the Mountain Highlands region of New Jersey. She is a professional business consultant who enjoys working and collaborating with people from various walks of life. After working for a producer in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, she moved back to her native Northeast and entered the corporate world. She eventually founded her own consulting company, which specializes in various aspects of business support services. Genna currently lives in New England – an area she has always loved.

A personal note from the author:

I began my love affair with words at an early age, and have been writing, on and off, ever since. I am an eclectic writer and omnivorous reader who has a special fondness for the arts. Other interests include the piano, hiking and the ocean, (love nature and the outdoors), music and sociology.

I look forward to meeting you on the Hub.

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