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gfarmer is a freelance writer and certified Life Coach, trained with Let’s-Live Life Coaching™. She is part of a Life Coaching team who hosts and teaches seminars all over the country. She is a firm believer in using self-empowerment techniques and positive thinking to get results in daily life.

gfarmer has traveled throughout four different continents, having spent her younger years as a volunteer charity worker in underprivileged nations and communities. This has taught her the importance of gain from giving, as well as considering the global picture.

gfarmer’s varied background in helping others, living frugally, becoming self-motivated, and experiencing international travel has provided the perfect foundation for reaching her current goals. She is passionate about Life Coaching and its possibilities, as well as sharing her findings with others.

gfarmer is interested in the following topics:

· Books, Literature, and Writing

· Personal Finances, Frugal Living, Income and Making Money

· Charities and NGOs

· Travel and Places

· Natural Health and Beauty Tips

· Self-help information

· Family and Parenting, Relationships, Friendship