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Jordan Emanuele

My fascination with writing started when I was young. In school, we were forced to read daily and take tests on the content. I use "forced" lovingly, because that strict curriculum eventually lead to my adoration of reading and writing. The vivid images that J.K. Rowling and Robert Jordan placed into my head late at night as I curled up on the top bunk are still easily recalled to this day. My first memory of writing is from early elementary school: I would write poetry and short stories about the boy I had a crush on, Miles, in my dark black and white speckled composition journal. Those short stories soon grew in page number. I became more observant of the world around me because it helped me create stronger connections through text. It became an obsession. Then, in middle school, I learned about Twilight, but we won't go down that rode of teenage hormones. Writing excites me and it doesn't matter whether it's fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or blogging. I enjoy forming a relationship with readers through voice. Maybe that's a bit nerdy, but that's just fine with me!