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Laila Rajaratnam

I’m a homemaker and an English Literature graduate with 3 grown up children! Facing the empty nest syndrome and my husband still busy in his medical profession, I panicked that life was passing me by and I gathered enough courage, to pick up my pen (rather my word processor) and here I am! :)

About me-I build castle in the air and I love The Christian Weddings of South India. I enjoy The Pongal or the Harvest Festival of South India and not to mention The Vibrant Spring Celebrations of India! about the Hot Indian Dudes ?

My favorite love storybrings tears to my eyes and makes my heart tug , whereas the story Of Glamour and Politicsmakes me speechless!

Do I really like the Reality TV Show -The Moment of Truth? Doubtful!

With internet and broadband it is so very easy to Plan Your Trip Online and it is moreover a snap Sending money online to whoever!

It's amazing how you can fix a date online for free as Google launches Google Romance and sure, you can Be Unique, Be Unusual For Valentine’s Day or just about any day!

I thank MS Word -Ode to MS Word for helping me to write as I had always Wanted to be a writer.

Would you like to know all about Apple's iTunes Plus ? And ofcourse, I'm shocked by Rape in revenge.

My blog for newbies :