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Lily Rose

Hi. I am full time working mom of two beautiful not-so-little-any-more girls (they're 11 & 13). I went back to work 6 years ago after being a stay-at-home mom for seven years. I'm also a 9-year breast cancer survivor. I've been through a lot and continue to suffer from side effects from my treatment and that's what initially prompted me to write (vent) about my treatment experiences. I've also documented my story in a blog - My Breast Cancer Blog - to hopefully reach and help others in similar situations.

I discovered HubPages quite by accident and I am loving being a part of this terrific community. Earning money along the way to help support all those little "extras" that comes from having two "girly girls" is pretty cool too.

My topics of interest have broadened beyond breast cancer, and I've written lots of hubs about things such as toys for kids, parenting help topics, health and nutrition, recipes, home decor, and more. I find that the longer I'm here the more I get inspired to write about different things.

Thank you for visiting my profile page; I hope you enjoy my hubs and HubPages!