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Maren Elizabeth Morgan

Caring for little people, mature people, plants, neglected houses, and my pet cats is a big part of my life. Here is a big fireworks display of love going out to my two incredible sons: they are the best thing that ever happened in my life!

Maren in a nutshell: I love creating and learning.

Learning led me to teaching. I have taught from pre-school through college in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Although I consider myself to be an unmasterful jack-of-all-trades, I do particularly well with gifted education, math, and music.

I play a variety of musical instruments and sing. I am so-so at all of them. But, for those who are interested, here is the list: piano, guitar, recorder, mallets, djembe, percussion auxilliary and most recently clarinet. For voice, I have a wide range, but my best notes are in the contralto range (the soul of the chorus).

From my gardening hubs, it must also be very obvious that I "paint with plants." In other words, I play a lot in the garden. I happily share the good parts, funny parts, and challenging parts of this passion with my readers.

I also rehab TLC (and worse!) houses. I have a blog about home and garden repair at the house-home-blog on my website. You can get to my website by clicking on the house icon at the upper right corner of this page.

I am a late starter at cat loving and cat caregiving. As if cats need care, right? They don't think so, but they do enjoy being fed by us humans. I am besotted with my furry family members and I am sharing it shamelessly in my hubs.

Earlier, I described myself as being a jack-of-all trades. Nonetheless, there is one activity at which I am undisputedly an expert: burning food onto the bottoms of pots! I can walk away from the kitchen to do "just a few things" while food is simmering, browning, and cooking, and I have a high success rate of not returning in time to stir the pot. It's an inborn talent.

I am in wonderful Pennsylvania, but I love getting to warm and sunnier places on vacations. Maybe the next time I am visiting my brother in the Bay area, I'll drop in on the Hubpages headquarters! and