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Nipun Sourishiya

Being a Social Media Enthusiast, HR Trainer and Hiring Professional (Leadership Hiring and Leadership on Demand), I have noticed many drastic and positive changes. I have more than 10 years of experience in HR domain, especially in the Hiring process. Being a Mathematics Graduate and Post Graduate in Human Resources, I love to use analytical tools and data in predicting the hiring trends and requirements. I have rich exposure in training the recruiters.

The concept of hiring is changing day by day. Gig Economy & Workforce, these 2 concepts are creating a deep impact on it. Earlier we used to hire Freelancers for IT or Social Media related work, are we still in the same situation? No, now you can take the services of Global Individual Experts or Consultants for all the functions and industries, as per the company need and demand. You can hire these industry experts from across the globe, you can take their services for a certain time frame, you can pay them on the milestone basis.

Till now, I have helped companies which are dealing with Infrastructure, Smart City, Oil & Gas, Rail Transportation, etc. to find Experts with 20+ years of international exposure with a budget range of INR 6000000 to INR 28000000 per year.

Apart from HR, Numerology is my Hobby and I love to do Numerology. Till now, I have given Astro-Numerological advice to many top professionals. You can see few recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

Interview Tips:

1. In your Resume or CV do not focus on your achievements, focus on your value-add which you have done. Most of the Hiring Managers are more keen to know the impact which you have created in the organization, not your personal achievements.

2. Before going to attend an interview, always do extensive research not only on the company but also on the Hiring Manager / Your Reporting Manager. It will help you to prepare yourself and boost your confidence and you will be in a more comfortable position while facing interview process. It is always a pleasant surprise for any Hiring Manager when he/she came to know that candidate has done some study about him.

3. Keep your CV/Resume simple and short. Ideally, it should not more than 2 to 3 pages.

If you are facing any challenge related to HR domain, please feel free to connect.

My Expertise:

1. Training and Development

2. Leadership Hiring

3. Leadership on Demand

4. Company Branding

5. Psychometric Test