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Novel Treasure

Twitter: @NovelTreasure

I love my job and the challenges it gives me. Writing is a creative outlet for those days when the stress of a long work week has gotten too much for me.

I have been writing for Hubpages for almost 2 years and have begun to earn what I consider a decent passive income from my articles. I have a five year plan to replace 50% of my income with my online writing and am well on my way.

My interests are very eclectic and range from music and reading, to sports and camping, to cooking and anything that helps the environment. I write about things I have experience with or have experienced through others.

If you are interested in having your work published, whether it be for pleasure or for money, click on the link below and become a Hubber.

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I am also senior editor for the How to Live Green blog and the Christmas blog Everything Black Friday and Cyber Monday