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I have really enjoyed my time on Hubpages. It is a wonderful place to share experiences and new things that are being learned, as well as opinions and ideas.

You will occasionally find me in the forums on HubPages. I believe that ideas matter. They matter much more than we give them credit for. They are how philosophies are built, how are beliefs are formed. Ideas can help us, and hurt us. Life is precious, and flying by. I think its too short to entertain bad ideas for long. I hope to be challenged by others in my own ideas. I love to discuss all kinds of things. I don't mind really getting into the nitty gritty portions of discussions and debates. Not many people care to do that, but I enjoy it once in a while!

In short, I think love trumps hatred. I think good ideas trump bad ones. Goodness trumps badness, justice trumps injustice, mercy and grace trumps vengeance, logic trumps illogic, and reason trumps irrationality. Life trumps death. Ideas that are the best and true, need the least contortionist acts to defend. They seem to stand on their own, no tactics needed.

Anyway, what a wonderful community of people are here on HubPages. I have met some really great people, and have learned and grown so much from them and been challenged to keep on growing. Thank you if you have been a part of that!

Married and mother to two children, I have many things to share and continue to learn about all kinds of things. Thank you for taking the time to visit here!