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Debbie Hawkins

Having grown up on a tight budget in a large family and graduating from that to marriage and three children, I quickly turned to budget friendly decorating ideas as well as an avid DIY advocate; first out of necessity, and then out of joy at creating things with your own hands.I especially love the creativity that comes from the forced limitations of using and making do with what you have on hand.

Some of my fondest memories growing up were falling asleep to the sounds of my woodworking dad working his workshop.His workshop provided the basis for my dive into DIY projects…right down to the scraps I dig out from his burn pile!

I started out with small woodworking and refinishing projects which turned in to making wood signs for myself and eventually started making them as gifts for other people.Currently, I have started a very small business selling them - mostly so that I have an excuse to make more signs.

Photography and gardening are also hobbies of mine, and I love having an outlet to share that on the pages I make here!

As mentioned earlier, I also grew up in a large family.Five younger brothers and two older sisters to be exact!We are a family with interesting dynamics; from the gifts we’ve shared, board games we play to our loud and rambunctious Nerf wars. With the addition of in-laws and babies, I’ve learned our family has something unique to share.