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Sherry Venegas

Paperfacets has an Internet presence because she needed to share the craft of tea bag folding. In January 2015 she established to make all hobby sharing about tea bag folding centralized. The site is going to be an ongoing endeavor.

While accomplishing that feat, the Sherry Venegas side started a small small online marketing habit. Sherry was compelled to log online everyday and share more of her Western life style through good finds and daily doings of a retiree.

It is no secret that this type of habit is for contributing to an "egg money" pot. There is not a chicken coop, but I now have a sharing outlet. Be advised I earn a few dollars with links to shopping sights.

Besides the crafts I write about travel, gardening, food, books and other more slightly odd things. Photography is another outlet for creating and my practice is to post images of my own, spending extra time making sure each photo is colorful and balanced in composition.