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Daniel Dorsch


Welcome aboard, me hearties! My name at the moment is Pirate Dan, full-time contemporary buccaneer and purveyor of fine information pertaining to the eccentric and the adventurous.

I work as a professional writer and historian by trade, receiving my letter of marque from one of the wildest institutions of higher learning this side of Jamaica!

My writing includes fiction and nonfiction, poetry and drunken scribblings mistaken for enlightened literature. I have walked the streets of Prague at midnight, fired a cannon wearing both blue and gray, toasted Edward Teach as I sailed over his grave, written documents of academic merit with a bottle in my hand, presented them to my colleagues while they were sober, and watched the sun set over Paradise.All this has been done on as modest a budget as a blind beggar ever threw at a Louisiana wench! I am bound and determined to live every last moment of my life to its very fullest, and I am here to share my knowledge and experience with you so that you too may live your adventures using what I learned.

If I wrote down every single one of my interests, we would be here all day! But since you asked so politely, here's a few:

From a very young age, I have always had a passion for books. I am a bibliophile through and through, my collection containing a little of just about every genre. But please, don't tell the crew. To them, any book not containing naked pictures is just condensed latrine supplies.

I also enjoy a good film, and dabble on occasion with reviews, which of course means loud exhultations of approval for proper filmmaking and equally loud swearing and projectile launching at the screen for botched films. Likewise, good and bad music receives its rewards and punishments in due course.

As you may have guessed, I never really grew out of playing make-believe, as I enjoy attending renaissance festival and conventions of all kinds, including steampunk, anime, and fantasy and seek out activities related to living a fantasy- inspired lifestyle.

So please, pull up a chair and open a fresh bottle for the captain! There are many stories to tell and lots of rum to drink. I am happy for your two cents, though gold is just as welcome!