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Robert P

Robert is a lawyer, bibliophile, collector of odd facts, and world traveller.

I am interested in writing but in real life most of the writing I do is written in dry legalese. I view Hubpages as a great opportunity to explore my creative side and write some hubs on subjects that interest me. Here are some hubs I have written:

* Famous Twins - The Top Ten List of the Most Famous and Not So Famous Twins of All Time

* Cloning Extinct Species - Can Extinct Species be Brought Back to Life Using Cloning?

* Weird Dating Sites - or, People Are Strange

* Hi Tech Tattoos - Google Ads are Coming to a Forehead Near You

* Pessimistic Quotes and Sayings

* Alternative Cancer Treatments and Natural Cures

I first discovered this site while researching the subject of free webmaster tools. Someone had created an interesting article. I was impressed by the community and think that it is great to have a place where people can write and express themselves like this. I also like the hubpages rating system. It's kind of fun, to try to get to the top.

In addition to writing for hubpages, I maintain a number of websites on subjects that interest me such as the works of Charles Dickens (for example David Copperfield and Oliver Twist), noted illustrators such as George Cruikshank, and diverse topics such as the Roman Empire, chocolate, and interesting quotations. I also write on, a site that cheerfully documents the decline of human civilization and the coming Dark Ages.

I look forward to interacting with my fellow Hubbers and learning from each other!

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