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Rachel Lev

Hello! I'm Rachel Lev, and I'm an author for HubPages! I love writing for HubPages because you can be as creative as you like and write about whatever you wish. I also enjoy all the fun capsules that can be added to the text to make your articles more interactive. Since this is a biography, though, I should probably mention just a little about myself. As a student, I love studying math and chemistry. I hope to someday be a biomedical engineer. Furthermore, I enjoy playing and watching basketball and soccer. Finally, I have one sister, Molly, a dog, Murphy, and a hamster, Cooper. I love to free write. I enjoy writing fiction, nonfiction, even poetry! I also enjoy DIY crafts, and "life hacks" so I will most likely write hubs along those lines along with whatever else comes to mind! In brief, I hope you enjoy my hubs! Make sure to leave a comment with suggestions, I love hearing from you!

~Rachel Lev <3