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Michelle Simtoco

I joyfully strive to create ripples of inspiration to empower people to be winners of life through writing, life coaching, healing, training, music and the arts! I am blessed to be surrounded by preschoolers by day, performing artists by night and all sorts of wonderful human beings in between. I believe we are connected from a divine perspective and that there is perfection amidst the imperfections.

A ripplemaker also understands this simple yet profound truth: A positive thought and feeling in the morning can absolutely make a difference in one’s day. In effect, we get to spread goodness around. Wow! Isn’t it fantastic to know that we have the power to make our day and someone else’s day beautiful? Now imagine if we can do this for the rest of our lives. What an awesome life we all could have!

"We are all angels with one wing and we can fly embracing each other." May we be ripplemakers in little and big ways. I pray you choose a path that brings you joy and love. I am glad to be journeying with you. Be blessed.

Love and Light,

Michelle D. Simtoco