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Maria D'Alessandro

"Scrittobene" means, "written well" in Italian. Maria lives in Melbourne Australia and enjoys writing poetry and song lyrics. Like many poets, she mostly likes to write about what she has experienced on all levels of the human condition. Some of her more personal prose may be closely or loosely based on real events lived through and survived. Other poems stem from some historical interest or may simply be based on idealistic fantasies. Of course the subject of love and passion is often written about by many poets, great and small. Many of Maria's poems are about love's joyful ecstasy, torment, longing and loss. She writes how some of these emotions can be felt even beyond the grave.

Her mentor is Bob Dylan. She was introduced and fascinated with his unique music and creative lyrical style 30 years ago. To her, as to many, he remains one of the greatest poets of our times. She enjoys sharing her passion for his work with Dylan fans from around the world reflected in the fact that most of her Facebook friends are also Dylan Freaks.

Her interest in writing poetry and later, song lyrics began about a decade ago. To this day, she feels grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with friends who are talented musicians and who ultimately give wings to her lyrics.