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Sheila Brown

I am a happily married mother of three and grand-mother of eight. Hubby and I live on 40 wooded acres in the country in Southern Oklahoma and are enjoying every minute of it.

I have had several various jobs over the years. My first job was working an inspector in a manufacturing plant for several years before it shut down. I worked for the Department of Human Services for many years, which I found very rewarding as well as frustrating. The frustration became overwhelming and I decided to leave. I also worked for a debt settlement company which was also very rewarding.

Hubby has retired and I was laid off over a year ago and decided not to go back to work for someone else. We started our own vending machine business and are doing quit well.

I wanted to find a way to generate some additional income from hom and stumbled onto HubPages. I never realized how much I would enjoy writing here. I am far from setting the world on fire, but I am really enjoying myself and generating some additional income.

I love anything to do with nature and animals. I love nature photography and I have a website where I post and sell some of my photography. You can also find me on Flickr as Rockcreek Photography.

I also love to garden, vegetables and flowers, and will write about this often. I have found HubPages to be such a wonderful place! Everyone here has been very kind and helpful.

I have four blogs now at blogspot. I am in the process of breaking up my first blog, Sheila's This N That, into several niches. I will be sharing some hubs on my blogs and will always include the link to your hub as well as your referral link. I like to help people any way I can and writing and sharing hubs is going to be my outlet for that. I hope that my hubs are enjoyable and useful to many.

You can also find me on Google+ as Sheila Brown.

I also write on Bubblews as "naturelover".

You can also find my photography designs on Zazzle*