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Stephen Donohoe

The important thing is that I am writing a book called “Interviews with Beekeepers”. It is based on interviews with legendary beekeepers around the world, with a slight UK bias as that’s where I live. It means that I get to travel, meet amazing people and find out as much as I can about my favourite insect, apis mellifera (the honeybee). My interviewees are in the UK, North America and New Zealand, so I am no stranger to jet lag.

My aim is to write a book which will be packed with useful information and amusing stories. I keep bees on a small scale but my mission is to talk to the real experts – those who keep bees for a living – and let their knowledge and experience be my guiding light. I hope that the book will appeal to all beekeepers, including those who have been at it for years, and perhaps even the odd “civilian” (somebody who doesn’t regularly stick their hands into the nest of thousands of flying stinging insects).

I expect the book to be in print towards the end of 2018.