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Mary Kelly Godley

My name is Mary Kelly Godley and my business is The Writing Owl. This was established in 2009 as a freelance writing business. I wrote website content, articles, SEO Articles, fiction pieces and I also covered a wide ranger of topics including Renewable Energy, Health and Learning Disabilities, Women's issues to name but a few.

In 2010 however the scope and definition of my wriiting career changed focus. My life was abruptly altered forever when my then three year old son, was diagnosed with Autism. Suddenly the missing pieces of the puzzle began to slot more into place Then I knew that It was partly because of my genes that my son is autistic i.e. I have Aspergers Syndrome.

So now I specialise in writing about Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome and similar Learning Disabilites and the many ensuing issues in relation to these subject areas i.e. 'The Politics Behind Autism.' This encompasses many issues including in more recent times the elephant in the room i.e. Is there a link between vaccines and adverse effects, (this has already been proven time and time again in the courts at this stage). So I think so, but every parent must study this area for themselves and reach their own conclusions. Unlike me please do consider doing so before embarking on a vaccine schedule. Whatever every parent decides is completely their choice and I am defintitely 'Pro-choice.'  

Also I have studied many areas of psychology which I also love writing about. As many people on the Autism Spectrum also develop personality disorders this is another area that fascinates me. Did Marilyn Monroe have Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Who has Borderline Personality Disorder? To me these subjects provide endless writing material.

Currently I am editing my first biographical fiction novel, 'Raindrop Window,' for which I am actively seeking a publisher for at the present time. Its about the Politics behind autism as experienced by me and my son. Our stories and the truth about what goes on behind the scenes of the global autism industry.