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Two Crafty Paws

2013 might just be THE year for me, starting a business,hopefully buying a new flat, feeling healthy(er) after a long time... So many things going on in my life. Want to keep up? Browse through my articles! I love life, I love nature and I love computers and I think this can work quite well together - and no I do not look the nature form my computer - well at least not all the time. I am just a bit geeky, very crafty, party crazy (expect a lot of party guides as my head is always popping with ideas), cook loving undercover girly girl. I still feel like a small kid, everything can intrigue me and I can become fascinated about pretty much everything. As you might have figured out, my lenses are and will be pretty much about everything (the scale leaning towards kid's parties and crafting related things a bit more than not ;). I do take my inspirations from day to day stuff - I think every experience can be transformed into a useful information for others. I respect other peoples work and give credit where it is due, photos and images used in my lenses are either public domain, credited creative commons, my own, used with fair use in mind or used with permission. Hugs and kisses =) Andreja