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I grew up in a beach town on the West Coast, went to college at another beach town farther south on the West Coast, went to law school on the West Coast, practiced public interest law in the East Bay (San Francisco Bay Area) for six years, recently moved to the middle of the country. I am married and have two young sons.

I played team sports well into adulthood, far beyond when any person in their right mind would practice a sport for 8+ hours every weekend, but made amazing friends and got to travel to far off lands while exercising and competing. I've now discovered that I love distance running - a complete shock to me.

I also like eating healthy without having to put in too much effort. I also love chocolate. I spend a lot of time trying to reconcile the last two statements.

I plan to write about some or all of the following: parenting, eating healthy, public interest law, team sports, and running. I look forward to reading many other hubs on these and other topics, and I'm holding out hope that others will also be interested in reading mine!

I have also dabbled a tiny tiny bit in blogging about parenthood - I'm mostly interested in commenting on cultural trends, not telling other people how to put their kids to sleep. So if you like thinking about parenting from a broader perspective (in a way that totally does not help achieve anything practical such as figure out how to get laundry done faster), you might be interested. Practical things have not turned out to be my strong suit.

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