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A Cowgirl Costume in Six Steps

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Making a Cowgirl Costume

Looking for a cowgirl costume for a Western-themed or Halloween party that's coming up? The get-up is really easy, and it's a fun way for you or your little girl look great! Here are six general steps that can help you get your outfit together.

Have fun!

Step 1: Start Planning


At the start of any project or plan, you'll need to have everything in one place. Get all the stuff you will need to complete your costume. Planning is crucial so that you don't miss any important key items. So, grab a notepad consider the following:

  • The Top: What kind of Western shirt will you wear? What color will it be? Plaid is always a great pattern when it comes to this style of outfit.
  • The Bottom: Will you match it with a skirt or a pair of jeans? Denim skirts or cow print (if you can find them) are both great options for skirt patterns.
  • Shoes: Two words: cowboy boots. If these are hard to find or you don't own a pair, any other style of boot will work as well.
  • Accessories: What kind of accessories will accent and compliment your outfit or cowgirl Halloween costume? This will definitely require a cowboy hat, for one. If you don't have one, then it's not to difficult to find one. Simply shop around; eBay is a great place to get cheap accessories like a Western hat. The same goes for your boots. Don't forget the Western-styled jewelry! Thrift shops or the costume jewelry section of department stores are chock full of great options for you.
  • Hair: There are plenty of options for a cowgirl outfit. From the classic braids to pigtails or a French braid, make sure you don't leave this part out! Consider what your hair will look like with your hat as well.

Step 2: Lay Out Your Outfit


After you have all the pieces of your outfit, bring it all together first and lay it on your bed or the floor to make sure it looks complete. Here are some tips:

  • Tying Your Shirt: Begin by putting on your main outfit pieces—dress, skirt or jeans, and shirt. It's best to have a plaid shirt that is a bit bigger than you would normally wear. Now, button up a couple of the middle buttons on your shirt, but leave at least half of the bottom undone. Take the two bottom sides of your shirt and tie both ends together at the middle into a bow. This will create a cute cowgirl effect.
  • Use Your Discretion: If you are dressing a little girl, you'll want the outfit to be cute, not sexy. So don't leave any or too much midriff exposed. If it's for you and you want to be a little sexier, you probably know how to do that. Tie it a little higher at the waist, showing off your belly button and keep a few more buttons undone up top to show a little cleavage. It's not rocket science! You know how far you want to go. You can also use tattered jeans ones with a few wholes or even short cut-offs for a rough and sexy cowgirl costume. Not recommend for a youngster of course! For a little girl, perhaps a pretty fringed plaid skirt would make a sweet cowgirl costume.

Step 3: Add Complementary Components


While you may think you have your complete outfit at this point, there may be complementary elements or additional accessories that you'll want to add. Once you have the core part of your outfit put together, you can think about the additional add-ons, such as:

  • Vests: A leather, animal print, denim, or fringe vest to complement the look.
  • Scarves or a Handkerchief: For a little girl or for a more innocent look for yourself, you can tie a plaid scarf or handkerchief loosely around your or little girls neck. Be sure not to tie it too tight. If you're at a party you will likely drink or eat and you don't want to choke or have it feel uncomfortable when you swallow.
  • A Belt: If you are wearing jeans, find a wide leather belt to accent and accessorize with. You can also use the belt if you're going with the denim jean skirt look. It probably won't look right with a frilly skirt though.

Step 4: Accessorize

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Now you can have even more fun and accessorize!

  • Jewelry: Start putting on your western styled jewelry. Gather anything and everything that you have that you think might work, lay it on your bed and start styling! Have fun with this and go with whatever you think looks best. Some ideas include Indian beads, turquoise, and of course silver and gold for that traditional Western look.
  • Makeup: Don't forget the makeup. You want to go for a real natural country girl look, so it doesn't need to be too dramatic.

Step 5: Style Your Hair


As mentioned, your hair can elevate your look too. For a little extra cowgirl fun, you can style your hair to go with your outfit. Here are some ideas:

  • Pigtails: Regardless of the length, pigtails are always a great idea.
  • Braids: Two braids, one braid, a side braid, a French braid—the possibilities are endless and they'll all work!
  • Ribbons: You can also use a cute, country-themed ribbon to tie your hair into a simple ponytail even, or to accent your braids/pigtails as well.
  • Nothing: You don't need to incorporate braids or pigtails, if you like the way your outfit looks with your hair just as is and a cowboy hat, then go for it!

Step 6: Don't Forget the Boots!


Finally, the last piece of your cowgirl costume—slip on those cowboy boots lady! Be sure you've worn our boots previously and that they are well worn-in. If you're planning to wear this as a cowgirl Halloween costume, you're sure to be kickin' up your heels because the last thing you want is sore feet.

As mentioned, if you don't own genuine cowboy boots, you can look in thrift stores, ask friends, or wear any simple pair of boots that you do own already (brown, black, red, any color works!).

Have Fun!

The possibilities are endless with a snazzy cowgirl outfit. Remember to have fun, get creative, and lasso up some nice treats!

The possibilities are endless with a snazzy cowgirl outfit. Remember to have fun, get creative, and lasso up some nice treats!

Got any Cowgirl Costume Ideas?

Caverson from Left Coast on October 05, 2010:

humm, I would be interested in seeing lots of big girls dressed up as s&xy cowgirls for Halloween or any time for that matter...

PanamaPaul from Toronto on September 28, 2010:

I are. I'm going to show this to my wife and daughter.

PAMark from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama on September 28, 2010:

Very cute. I'm sure a lot of little girls will want to dress up as a cowgirl this Haloween.

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