How to Make Your Own DIY Hit-Girl Fancy Dress Costume

Updated on April 23, 2020

Create a Hit-Girl Costume Exactly Like the One From "Kick-Ass"

It was an exhilarating, exciting tale of young superheroes (and some old) taking on, well, pretty much the world. With an assortment of intriguing and powerful characters, it's a great idea to dress up as one for Halloween or another special occasion.

Hit-Girl, being one of the most powerful of them all (and smallest), is a great character to emulate. With many costumes available on the market, why not save a buck or two and create your own look? You could even add your own twist on things!

The Purple Wig

Let's begin with the purple wig, the trademark locks that make Hit-Girl memorable. This look can be easily created.

1. Get a purple wig. Take a trip to a fancy dress shop or scour the Internet for an assortment of wigs. Remember that Hit-Girl's wig is a bobbed cut with a fringe. Also, don't forget to make sure it is purple.

2. Dye your hair. This is a little extreme, and you're probably better off buying a wig if you do not want to look like Hit-Girl permanently. However, if you fancy it, you can get some hair dye in many shops. Alternatively, semi-permanent or wash-out sprays are available to colour your hair with. Arctic Fox has a semi-permanent deep-purple dye, and the company is known for having vibrant, long-lasting colors.

The Black Mask

Much like the character of Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl leaves some of her image to the imagination. Her mask conceals her true character but leaves a large portion of the face free to speculate upon.

1. Make your own cardboard black mask.

If you want a quick, easy and cheap option, then get some cardboard, some paint and a little bit of elastic. Cut the shape of Hit Girl's black mask into the cardboard and paint or colour the cardboard black. Once done, poke two holes either side of the mask and tie some elastic through it so that it can easily be attached to the face.

2. Buy a black mask.

Shopping online or visiting fancy dress stores will allow you to get a low-price black mask. Try to opt for one as similar to Hit-Girl's as you possibly can.

The Purple Jacket

Hit-Girl's persona is resembled by the colour purple, and her purple jacket plays a big role in her appearance.

1. Buy a purple jacket.

Surely, you should be able to bargain hunt; otherwise, you would be buying a Hit-Girl costume rather than coming on this page to discover a way of saving money and making your own. So put your bargain hunting skills to the test and shop for a low-price purple jacket that is similar to Hit-Girl's.

2. Spray one of your own jackets.

An alternative option is to spraypaint an old jacket. But this could get messy.

The Purple Trousers

Hit-Girl has purple trousers with black knee patches. You can easily do this yourself.

  1. Get some purple leggings or any material trousers. Shop in your local area or online for a pair of purple leggings or trousers that are of a similar colour or material to Hit-Girl's.
  2. Get some black material. Cut some oval shapes out of some black material and sew them onto the knee area of the leggings or trousers.

The Black Cape

Every superhero should have a cape, and Hit-Girl is one of the superhero's that really pulls it off. You can make your own black cape by:

  1. Using a bin liner. This is a cheap and reliable option. Simply cut open a bin liner and drape it over your shoulders like a cape!
  2. Buy a cape. You can buy ready-made capes online or in fancy dress shops.
  3. Create your own from black cotton material. Material or fabrics can be relatively cheap to buy. Purchase a comfortable amount and cut, sew and design it into your favourite-looking cape.

Complete the Look With Gloves, Skirt and Belt

You're almost there! Just a few more finishing touches and you'll be a clone of Hit-Girl. Follow these last three steps to completing the Hit-Girl fancy dress costume.

1. Get some long, black gloves. Hit-Girl is always seen wearing these gloves, and they are not hard to get hold of. Shop online, look around your home, or visit a fancy dress shop to get a pair.

2. Get a checkered skirt. You probably already have one of these hidden somewhere in your home. If not, ask family and friends if they have one. Alternatively, you can visit a charity shop to find a low-cost one and also donate to charity at the same time!

3. Finally, create your Hit-Girl belt with the initials 'HG' on it. You can use a normal belt for this and simply use some cardboard to create the HG initials. Glue or clip it onto the belt, and your look is complete! Finish off with some black boots and get ready to kick some ass.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Why didn't you include the gun holster? It's a big part of her costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I don't tell want to be hit girl

    • profile image

      Alicya _? 

      8 years ago

      I luv hit girl I think she is the best superhero ever you rock hit girl

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Quite a nice combination of hubs by Bethan Rose. I can see Kick-Ass and Hit Girl walking into a Halloween costume party and walking out with a prize. Better yet, a stag Kick-Ass hooking up with Hit Girl would rock! HaHa!

      Two excellent hubs in a day. Nice work.


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