20+ Ideas for Punny Costumes

Updated on July 31, 2019

What Is a Pun Costume?

A pun costume is a costume based on a play on words. Take a look at the first few pictures, and you will groan with understanding. Some people hate puns; I happen to love them. I am a Scrabble player, and that's why I think I am so fond of using these play-on-words costume ideas at Halloween. So bear with me while I have some fun showing you these dress up ideas and writing some quick tutorials so you can make them yourself. I also like DIY costume ideas—so this article combines two of my favorite things.

This is a French Kiss pun costume.
This is a French Kiss pun costume. | Source

Dress up like French painters, carry some French bread, and put makeup on as if you were Starchild, The Demon, The Spaceman/Space Ace, The Catman ... do you remember those guys? Those names are the stage names of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss. Do you get the costume gag? That's right, it's a French Kiss!

Fanny May Pun Costume

The Fanny May or Mae costume is super easy to make and it's so very cheap!
The Fanny May or Mae costume is super easy to make and it's so very cheap! | Source

Fanny plus the month of May equals an easy to make, DIY Halloween outfit: the Fanny Mae costume. Talk about a cheap, homemade costume... All you need is a page out of your calendar and a pin.

Funny Pun Costume Ideas For Halloween

A Ceiling Fan
Pink Freud
Pigs in a Blanket
A Dust Bunny
A Brush With Death
Tooth Fairy
Freudian Slip
God's Gift To Women
French Kiss

The Freudian Slip


To make your own Freudian Slip costume you will need a slip and some signs made out of paper with Freudian terms on them. A Freudian slip is a mistake, whether it be a verbal slip or a memory slip, linked to your subconscious mind...such as calling your hubby by your ex-boy friend's name...oops! Freud said these slips were our true unconscious desires. Here are a few words you might want to put on your slip right from that famous psychoanalyst himself:

  • Id
  • Ego
  • Dreams
  • The Psyche
  • Fixated
  • The Latent Stage
  • Denial
  • Repression
  • Regression
  • Neurosis
  • Super Ego

Pun Costumes for Couples

Here are some punny costume ideas for couples to choose from:

  • The Tooth Fairy
  • Pigs in a Blanket
  • Florence and the Machine
  • Dances with Wolves

The more the merrier is so true when you are deciding on which punny Halloween costume ideas to make and wear.

The Tooth Fairy

I found this picture on Julie Ann Art
I found this picture on Julie Ann Art | Source

Can you sew? The Tooth Fairy and Tooth couples pun costume is easy to make. You can sew a large pillow case or a giant t-shirt to look like a tooth...add a cute lady, a tutu and a magic wand and you have a homemade tooth fairy costume. Easy peasy, pretty inexpensive, and funny. Aren't you the creative pair.

Pigs in a Blanket


You will need two piggy noses, two sets of ears, and a blanket to make this funny play on word costume - you know the food dish Pigs in Blanket...We call it Golumpki, cabbage rolls or are you talking about the hot dogs wrapped in the dough? Either way, this is a very simple and creative costume idea for you wordies out there.

Florence and the Machine


Yep, it's a pun that references that band, Florence and the Machine... a good one for the Indie music lovers out there. Florence Welch described her onstage costume look as "The Lady of Shalott meets Ophelia... mixed with a scary gothic bat lady," so that leaves your costume up to your own imagination if you are the one dressed as Florence. The machine can be made with a box, a picture of a washing machine and a pic of some laundry detergent.

Dances With Wolves


The Dances With Wolves costume is a take on the old Kevin Costner movie...loved it by the way. This couples pun costume is another simple costume to make at home. Your wolf just needs a wolf mask or some makeup and perhaps a beard or wig. The picture also shows a wolf clawed t-shirt with some ripping and a bit of costume blood. The dancer outfit requires a tutu, tights and a leotard. You can also add some ballet slippers (or tap) if you like.

Funny Group Pun Costumes

Dress up with your family or friends using these group pun costume ideas. If you love wordplay as much as I do, you will find some fun costume ideas on this page.

Spelling Bee


To make this simple, funny costume you will need a yellow T-shirt for each person and a lot of cut out letters so you can glue words. Make black stripes (like a bee) with duct tape, wear black leggings, and glue or pin the letters onto the shirt...making words. What does that make you? It makes you a spelling bee. The last detail for your spelling bee outfit is the antennae. You can make them with a hairband and some pipe cleaners or you can use a wool cap and those same pipe cleaners. Simple, easy, cheap costume, and perfect for a group.

The Spice Girls


The Spice Girls costumes look like the labels on the spice jars in your kitchen cabinet. Dress a group of girls up in these outfits and you've got spice and girls. It's a great group costume theme since you can dress as many people as you like. There's almost no end to the spices you can use: Thyme, Parsley, Rosemary, Oregano, Paprika, Allspice, Peppercorns, Cilantro, Gingerbread, Marjoram...you get the picture, right?

More DIY Costume Ideas For One

And now here are more pun costumes for one person to wear. Enjoy these funny play on word outfits, save some money, get creative, and have lots of fun on Halloween.

Face Book


Facebook? Really? Yep, it's clever, super easy, and funny, so why not. Just write book on your face and you've got a Facebook costume. This is perfect for the person who wants to dress up and have fun at Halloween, but has absolutely no drive to actually go buy or make a costume. So, go ahead, relax, imagine where you want your Book letters to go, and then get ready for the party.

The Bookworm Costume


Get a green zentai suit, a book, a cardboard box, some duct tape, a marker or paper to make letters, and an old pair of black rimmed readers. That's all it takes to make this brilliant and funny pun costume idea.

Pink Freud


I love this Pink Freud costume idea. It's my kind of funny, well, one of my kinds of funny. I really like silly and corny. This is perfect. All you need is a pink suit jacket and pants...or like this man did you can cover a suit with pink duct tape, a dress shirt, a string tie, slick your hair down some, add a beard and a moustache...the cigar he smoked was a a trabuco, and that's because he could not get a Don Pedros or a Reina Cubanas.

A Brush With Death


A black robe, a grim reaper mask, and a giant toothbrush...put them together and what do you get? A brush with death costume.

God's Gift to Women


To make this God's gift to women costume you will need a cardboard box with a head hole and two arm holes cut out. The bottom of the box has to be open so you can put it on over your head. Wrap the box, put ribbon and a bow on it , and make a large tag that says, "To: Women From: God...and you've got this play on words costume.

A Lincoln Log


Put a Lincoln costume on, make a cardboard circle to fit around your body, cover it in a woody, log looking fabric or paper, decorate it with a few leaves, and wear it...you are now a Lincoln Log. President Lincoln and a log equal a child's toy...and it's like child's play to make this creative and funny DIY costume.

A Ceiling Fan


A household fan becomes a Halloween costume. This is a simple costume, dress up like a cheerleader or at least carry the pom poms, put stickers on your hat, your shirt, and your team pennant flag that say ceiling. Now you are a ceiling fan.

A Cereal Killer


A scary twist on the cereal killer costume...get some zombie makeup, some little cereal boxes, some plastic knives and go to work with your glue gun to make this funny costume. Glue the cereal boxes onto your t-shirt, stick the knives into the cereal boxes, and put on your walking dead makeup to make this funny and frightening Halloween costume.



Glue or sew sponges onto your shirt and pants (use sweatpants) and you too will be self absorbed. Let's see how many of your friends are clever enough to figure out what your costume is saying.

Hawaiian Punch


Get the grass skirt, the lei, the wreath for your hair, and your boxing gloves ready to dress up as a Hawaiian Punch! Get it? You know, Hawaiian Punch is a fruit juice or a pun costume you can make at home for next to nothing.

Crazy Cat Lady


Very clever Crazy Cat Lady pun costume you can make at home and it's really a simple look to pull together with clothes you already have. The straitjacket is a man's (or women's) shirt...a man's would be bigger and more effective. Put the shirt on backwards and tie the arms around the front. Make your hair wild, wear tights or leggings and draw tiger stripes on them like this woman did. A few tiger stripes and cat eyes made with makeup on your face and finally, a pair of cat ears. Crazy and cats go together purr-fectly on Halloween.

The Smart Cookie Costume


To make this pun costume you will need some brown paper, a pencil, kraft paper, scissors, a hole punch, some ribbon, glue, and about 1/4 yd. of quilt batting (stuffing). You will also need a graduation cap, also known as a mortarboard. And one more thing, you will need a large circular shaped object to use as a template.

Put the hoola hoop or trash can lid on the kraft paper and trace a circle shape. Do this 4 times and then cut the circles out. Next you will glue the outer edges of two of the circles and leave an opening. Now do it to the remaining two paper circles. The openings is where you will fill the paper with the batting. When you have filled them, glue the openings. Cut some chocolate chip shapes out of the brown paper and glue them onto the outside of your cookies. Punch a couple holes at the tops of the circular cookies. Thread some ribbon through the holes and tie them at the shoulder to connect the front and back of the circular cookies. Top the outfit with your graduation cap and now you are one smart cookie!

30 Quick and Easy Pun Halloween Costumes in Under 2 Minutes!

30 + 11 quick and easy pun costumes in under two minutes is what this video is all about. There are 30 DIY costume ideas up above and 11 down below. Here are some of the costume ideas you will find here:

  • Peppers on your shirt = Hot Chili Peppers
  • Radio on your head = Radiohead
  • Black eye and shirt with P+P+P = Black Eyed Peas
  • Guns and a big star = A Shooting Star
  • An apron, a kitchen spoon, the letters Fe on your shirt = The Iron Chef
  • Devil horns and some eggs on your shirt = Deviled Eggs
  • T-shirt with lots of numbers on it = Someone You Can Count On

The "Dear Hunter" Costume For Couples - Pun Costume Ideas


The "Dear Hunter" is an oil painting by Jessica Truesdale. This interesting painting is a great Halloween costume idea because it's a pun and it's an easy costume to make yourself. It's perfect for a DIY kind of couple. Here's what you will need to turn yourself into this unusual work of art this Halloween.

The Art Inspired "Dear Hunter" Costume Shopping List:

  • Tuxedo (with a square pocket handkerchief)
  • Black Hat
  • Old Man Halloween Mask
  • White Gown With Frilly Lacy Sleeves or
  • Lace (to make frilly sleeves)
  • A Deer Mask

Look in your closets and local thrift shops to find the tux, the pocket square, the white gown...and who knows, you might also be able to find some inexpensive Halloween masks there too.

Outline some of the features on your old man mask with some paint or makeup to give it the dark, lined look you see in the painting. This painting isn't as well-known as some other art inspired costumes might be, but it is unique and interesting...perfect for a "pun costume" theme and for an original Halloween costume look.

Two Faced Halloween Pun Costume Idea


Who are you calling two faced? Ha, this is a pun costume idea and it is very easy to make. All it takes is some makeup and some imagination. Apply one style of makeup to the right side of your face and another style to the left side of your face. Put one color lipstick on the right side of your lips and another color to the left side...you will be two faced this Halloween!

Last Minute Pun Costume Ideas

Here are some more pun costume ideas for those of you who like witty costumes. Did you know that people who like puns usually have a good command of language skills, see the humor in different situations, and visualize words.

Here is the last minute Halloween costume list of pun outfit ideas:

  • Cat Calls - Add a couple phone pictures to your cat costume and be sure to carry your phone with you.
  • Baby Sitting - Sew a stuffed baby doll to the back of your pants - when you sit, you will sit on the baby doll.
  • Nickelback - Into the band Nickleback? Glue some nickels to the back of your shirt.
  • Maroon 5 - Another fun costume idea for those of you who like the band, Maroon 5. Wear a maroon shirt and pants. Sew or glue papers with the number 5 onto your outfit.
  • A Jail Bird - This is a white outfit with black stripes, you know, the prisoner costume. Add a pair of wings to complete this outfit.

What Pun Costume Am I? I Am A Social Butterfly!


Even More Funny Pun Costumes For Last Minute Halloween Dress Up Ideas

  • A Social Butterfly - Don some butterfly wings and glue social media logos to your clothing. There's Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, foursquare, Flickr, Yelp, digg, vimeo, bebo, Blogger, and Pinterest, to name a few.
  • Identity Theft - Get some sticky name tags and write other people's names on them. Stick them to your clothing.
  • A Witch Doctor - Wear a stethoscope and a doctor's white coat. Put on a pair of striped witchy tights, some witch shoes, and a witch hat.
  • Starbucks - Glue or sew stars and dollars to your clothing.
  • Beer On Tap - Did you figure this pun costume out? Put on a pair of tap shoes and glue or sew beer labels to your clothing.
  • Jackie O'Lantern - A little pun about Jackie O'...Put on a pumpkin costume and wear a pillbox hat...just like Jackie Kennedy Onassis always wore.

Yes, these are corny and funny costume ideas, but true pundits don't mind listening to the groans or chuckles of others. These lexicon lovers enjoy words and costumes that make people think.


11 Punny, Last Minute Halloween Costumes


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