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How to Dress Up in a Sith Costume on a Budget

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Popular Sith Lord apparel

Popular Sith Lord apparel

How to Cheaply Engage in Sith Cosplay

So, the dark side, ay? Good, good—you have chosen well my young students! The dark side of the Force is not only more powerful, but it is also the only real way to control the Force and free yourself of the foolish Jedi teaching!

Hah, how is that for an introduction? Well, let me try to get on topic before I try to make another joke. Anyway, for whatever reason, you are interested in dressing up as a Sith, correct? Well, this guide will help you out. Here is how we will try to do this:

  1. First, let's see what sort of apparel a Sith would need.
  2. Then we will examine what is better—making it or buying it.
  3. We will look at accessories and compare prices.
  4. Finally, I will include some hot tips and tricks to make your Sith Lord costume even better.

Sith Clothing: What Makes It Unique?

When talking about Sith apparel, there is really no correct answer as to what one should really wear. There are many Sith Lords and warriors throughout the Star Wars Universe, and they all have something unique. Nonetheless, there is a general pattern in the design of the robes that most Sith wear, and we will focus this guide around it.

Generally, these are the most important elements to consider:

  • Robes: Generally dark robes with unique hoods
  • Vest: A dark (leather) vest that usually stands out thanks to its unique glow and material
  • Belt: A belt that matches the vest
  • Boots: We're looking for something that looks mean and rough. Leather is preferred, obviously, but this is one of the last things on the shopping list and will depend greatly on your budget.
  • Gloves: Dark/brown leather gloves (as seen in the movies)
  • Head-wear: Sometimes the Sith also wore masks or special helmets

Before the Sith Order and the Rule of Two were created, however, the Sith looked quite different. A great Sith Lord by the name of Naga Sadow used body armor that looked nothing like the dark robes of the Sith we have seen in the movies. As mentioned above, we will mostly focus on the robes that we have seen in the movies during this guide. Hopefully, by the end, I'll show you how to dress as a Sith, and my advice should also give you advice on how to do it without spending too much money. After all, I could just link you to a $1,000 costume, but what would be the point?

Darth Revan has a very different style from the Sith in the movies.

Darth Revan has a very different style from the Sith in the movies.

Sith Robes: Jedi Robes, but Darker?

So, from what you've read up there, it seems like the Sith costume would just be the same as a Jedi Knight's, but only dark. This is not entirely true. However, it would work quite well. One could then just use proper accessories to improve on details, and that would be it.

This is essentially what most sellers on Amazon and eBay do. They create the same costume but from different colors and later sell it as a Sith/Jedi Knight costume. However, if you wanted to dress up as a Sith from the period of the Old Republic, this would no longer be a good idea as their apparel is quite different. In fact, the Expanded Universe offers up a completely different look at fashion in the Star Wars universe - especially when it comes to military apparel.

Of course, you could also choose to dress as Darth Vader, which is a completely different subject. This is because his clothing is not a fashion statement but a special robotic suit that keeps him alive. Making a full Vader suit is a complex job, and it is much easier to just buy it, along with the mask.

Leather and Black Fabric

Just to make it clear right away, black leather is a must for your costume if you want it to be authentic. The Jedi, as the story goes, spend a lot of time handcrafting their robes and using natural dyes. The Sith do not have time for this, and this is one of the reasons their robes lack color. Leather is also a popular choice because it is easy to use, very durable, and fairly resistant to the elements.

The vest is usually made from soft leather, and the boots are made of leather as well. The tunic under the vest can be very simple, and many people just use a regular black T-shirt that doesn't have any prints on it.

The cloak should be made from black fabric with a mandatory hood, which is usually quite large, in order to hide one's face and keep it in the shadows.

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Leather gloves are also a nice touch. Just remember Vader or Darth Maul, and you'll know what I mean!

This is something between a Jedi and a Sith outfit. Notice the Sith elements we talked about above: the leather vest, the belt, and the leather boots. You can go for regular loose pants for both types of costumes.

This is something between a Jedi and a Sith outfit. Notice the Sith elements we talked about above: the leather vest, the belt, and the leather boots. You can go for regular loose pants for both types of costumes.

DIY or Buy It?

So, what is the final verdict? Should you make it yourself or buy it online? This, of course, depends on a lot of factors. If you are just making a Halloween costume for trick-or-treating, then I would advise saving money and tailoring the costume on your own. It doesn't have to be perfect, and it doesn't have to look expensive for a purpose such as this.

For all other purposes, my personal recommendation is to do a bit of both. I believe you can find and purchase many of the elements individually for a very affordable price and then craft the rest on your own. You should also commit yourself to creating details and accessories to make your Sith costume unique. You can take inspiration from other people or concept art of other Sith Lords from the books.

A good example of this might be Darth Revan. If you study the photo above, you can see that he has some very interesting red fabric on his belt and that he has a very unique mask.

Price Chart for Individual Items

Note: The quality of these costumes is very questionable. Like I said above, people usually buy a full costume and then change things by themselves.


Dark cloak with hood


Leather vest


Leather gloves


Loose pants


Darth Maul mask (latex)

$25 average

Emperor's mask (latex)

$35 average

Darth Vader mask


Ashoka Headpiece

$20 average

Full Sith Robes/Costume*

$75 average

The robe itself

The robe itself

The Lightsaber

Lightsabers are obviously a must for any Sith costume. How can one dress as a Sith without a lightsaber? Well, it is impossible, obviously! However, this is also one very expensive piece for the costume. If this is just a costume for your kid, then you won't probably invest more than $25 for a lightsaber toy. However, if you are making an adult costume for a convention, cosplay contest, or something similar, then you will need something more authentic.

You can either buy just the hilt of the lightsaber, which will be holstered around the belt, or you can get the one that has a glowing "beam." Either way, you will probably want to get something that looks as real as possible. Aluminium is usually the material of choice for a realistic lightsaber hilt.

The best options, though, are probably lightsabers with a detachable LED blade. This way, you can store the blade somewhere else while you carry the hilt around on your belt. Then, when needed, put the two pieces together to turn the LED tube on.

A gadget like this can cost you a lot of money, so be sure to spend some time comparing products and prices!

Just some of the parts

Just some of the parts

Lightsaber Construction Kit

If you are ready to spend quite a bit of money on a kit that allows you to create your own unique lightsabers, then I suggest searching for an actual lightsaber construction kit. These bundles usually come with a lot of stock, such as several different handles with additional accessories that you can mix and match.

As for the actual blade of the lightsaber, there is a one-size-fits-all LED tube that can be inserted inside the desired handle. Some kits will give you a couple of tubes: one in green, one in blue, and one in red color. However, it would be ideal to buy a kit that comes with a single LED blade which can change color based on your preference.


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I've updated the Hub a little today and included some relevant links to Amazon products you might like. The idea is to use these as base for your costume so that you can focus on creating the details and accessories on your own. Of course, as I stated this is completely up you - I'm just here to offer several fields of view!

Cheers everyone and thank you for participating in the poll. The results are overwhelming! :)

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Can someone tell me or post a link to where to buy a vest like darth maul has, u can see it when he takes his cloak off before combat against qui-gon-jin and obiwan kenobi in episode one

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