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How to Make a Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Man Halloween Costume

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In the dark, all you see is a glowing stick man. Awesome!

In the dark, all you see is a glowing stick man. Awesome!

Glow Stick Costume

When my then-11-year-old daughter asked me if she could be a glowing stick-man for Halloween last year, my response was "Huh?" I had no idea what she was talking about. She had seen it somewhere and wanted to duplicate it. Off we went to good ol' Google to find some instructions on just how to pull this costume off. I was intimidated at first, but it turned out to be a very easy costume, and on Halloween night, she got lots and lots of positive responses.

Many, many Google results came up. Some instructions for making this costume involved glow-in-the-dark paint, hot glue guns, and even batteries. After reading up on various methods, I came up with one of my own that ended up being super easy and looked great. Read on below for directions on how to make this fun, inexpensive Halloween costume.

With a little illumination, you can see the child's face and body as well.  (Picture taken in the darkest room of the house available at the moment.)

With a little illumination, you can see the child's face and body as well. (Picture taken in the darkest room of the house available at the moment.)

How to Make the Glow-in-the-Dark Stick Man Costume

The materials you'll need to make this costume are easy to find and inexpensive to boot!


  • Black, long-sleeved shirt
  • Black pants
  • Clear packing tape
  • Glow bracelets or necklaces—get plenty for the front at the back! The kind that can be formed into a circle work best. We used the ones that are about 8 inches long and can be connected together.

Steps to Make It

  1. Have your child try on black clothing. Holding up one of the bracelets or necklaces and using it as a guide, estimate how many pieces you'll need for both legs and arms plus torso and head.
  2. Don't forget the back view! Putting glow necklaces on both the front and the back of the costume will not only add dimension and drama, but it will also add to your child's visibility and enhance his/her safety as he/she trick-or-treats.
  3. Keep the glow necklaces in their packaging as long as possible. The packaging is specially made to keep the glow sticks fresh so they'll glow as long and as brightly as possible. You'll have to make this costume last minute.
  4. On Halloween, as trick-or-treating time gets near, remove the glow necklaces from their packaging and follow the package instructions to get them glowing.
  5. Use the clear packing tape to attach the glow necklaces to the black pants and shirt. Rub the tape on so that it adheres well and will last the evening.
  6. We made one of the necklaces into a circle and used a hair clip to attach it around my daughter's face. Then she was ready to go! You could also attach a face-sized circle to the opening of the hood on a sweatshirt.
  7. Get creative! Mix different colored glow necklaces, add them to your shoes, and make glowing "hair," hands, eyes, glasses, whatever you like!

Why This Is a Great Costume

You probably already have much of what you need to make this costume. All we had to buy were the glow necklaces.

My daughter was totally covered up and stayed warm. You can alter this costume to the climate you live in. In a warmer climate you could use lightweight knits for the black clothing; in a colder climate, you could use jeans, sweats, or even a coat.

When Halloween is over, simply remove the packing tape and you can go back to wearing the black clothes. They will not be ruined or designated forever-for-Halloween-use only.

I also love that it's a unisex costume that all ages respond well to.

Stick Figure Costume: Not Just for Halloween

You don't have to wait for Halloween to have fun with a glowing stick man costume. Go solo or get a group together for your school or church talent show or variety show. Even kids who have never had a dance lesson will be a big hit when they dance in these costumes. Choose fun music with a great beat, and do a few basic moves. The glowing costumes add so much to the act!

As you can see and hear in the video below, these kids are doing the most basic dance moves, but the crowd goes wild! If you have dance experience or are in a group that has been rehearsing together for a while, that will make your act even more impressive and exciting!

A glow-stick routine is also great for cheerleaders, dance teams, or drumlines at pep rallies! For drumlines, get your sticks in the act. Spray paint your drumsticks with glowing paint, and the crowd will be blown away as they listen to the beat and watch all the perfectly synchronized, glowing drumsticks.


Xander3great on October 11, 2018:

Great information!!!!!!!

Ry on September 09, 2017:

Ya how much that cost bout more than buying actual costume tho?? Lol or prob close no?

Jacob on October 18, 2016:

I created this costume i am the originater my mom made it for me in third grade

ashley on May 06, 2016:

How long do the glow sticks last when should we break the sticks so they light up???

peachy from Home Sweet Home on January 21, 2015:

that is a fun way for halloween, voted up

Jevlin on October 29, 2014:

Yes this costume was great, I used it for a halloween party and everyone loved it! Thank you for coming up with this amazing idea and posting it. This costume was really the icing on top of the cake!

Eileen from Western Cape , South Africa on October 27, 2014:

Halloween costume with a difference - love this one !

PQr on April 01, 2014:

how long did the glow stay? i am planning this for a dance and i am not sure how early to make the dress. I have to make 10 of them, so i can't do it just a couple of hours ago...any ideas?

Diana F. King-Fyre :: DECEASED, 1962-2014, Rest in Peace from Cuzco, Peroo on November 01, 2013:

It looked like the biology text book illustration of a virus, very colorful with stuff sticking out. It was mostly cardboard, paper, foil, and duct tape.

SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on November 01, 2013:

Well, PFail, I hope you had a fun Halloween. Perhaps you and yours dressed as Thundercats?

My son does the standard funny or scary costume, but my daughter has always wanted to be something unusual. One year it was a raccoon, one year a kangaroo, one year a boa constrictor. It is always something odd I have to make, because no stores sell it. This year she dressed up as John Eggbert from Homestuck. She's old enough to mostly make her own stuff now, so I only had a little do a little sewing.

What does a virus costume look like? :D

Diana F. King-Fyre :: DECEASED, 1962-2014, Rest in Peace from Cuzco, Peroo on November 01, 2013:

Around here it was just a sea of princesses, bumblebees and Spiderman. Didn't see any kids with very creative costumes like the glowing stickman.

But later we went for a stroll to see the neighborhood's Halloween decorations and the college kids that were out and about, now THEY had some clever costumes, like a virus and a shark.

SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on October 30, 2013:

You're welcome! Have fun tomorrow night!

Yolo101 on October 30, 2013:

Thank you so much!!

This helped a lot.

SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on October 30, 2013:

Thanks so much for your kind words, and for the tip, Kate! Clear packing tape makes it super easy. Have a fun and safe Halloween, everyone!

Kate on October 30, 2013:

Just made it with my 9 y old son!Great idea with the tape, I was considering sawing it on before I read your blog! Thank goodnes I read it!

Happy Halloween everyone! careful while taping the glow sticks down, they snap easily and start to glow prematurely :)

SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on October 26, 2013:

You're welcome! Have fun and be safe! Happy Halloween!

Caitlyn on October 26, 2013:

Thank you so much! I was stressing trying to find thick ones. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on October 26, 2013:

Hi Caitlyn, the ones we used were pretty thin, maybe about half the thickness of a pencil? They were just the standard 8-inch glow bracelets. I think they might look thicker in the photos because they were glowing and the darkness of the room made the photos kind of blurry. Don't worry about buying thick bracelets. The standard ones do the trick! Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Caitlyn on October 26, 2013:

I love it ! My friends and I are going as this for Halloween. I was wondering how thick the glow bracelets and necklaces were. Yes they are 8 inches long but how thick. This would be very helpful, thank you!

SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on October 25, 2013:


mr.awesome on October 25, 2013:


SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on October 20, 2013:

Thanks Icouldn'tthinkofaname! It is an easy costume that is lots of fun, for either kids or adults. It would be cute to dress up a whole family like this!

Icouldn'tthinkofaname! on October 16, 2013:

this is awesome !

SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on August 23, 2013:

Thanks HolidayGiftIdea! Halloween will be here before you know it!

HolidayGiftIdea on August 23, 2013:

That is a cool idea. It's cheap and unique, just what I want.

Coolman on October 28, 2012:


SmartAndFun (author) from Texas on September 26, 2012:

I used one of those tiny butterfly clips and attached it partly to her hair and partly to the glow stick at the top of her head, just above her forehead. Thanks for reading; please let me know how the costume turns out!

Kayt0wn on September 14, 2012:

Exactly how does the clip attach to the head for a girl?

yooooooooooooooooooo on June 19, 2012:

these things areso cool i try them every day

thesexiestmangirlalive on April 10, 2012:

eh. i lahv it. MNHAA!

emmanuel delgado on October 10, 2011:

this is cool

ryancarter from Falkville, Alabama on September 16, 2010:

Haha, great Hub! I think my son just made his decision on his Halloween costume!

spike03 on September 12, 2010:

nice one.. If my niece can see this hub I am very sure they will love this..