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More Pun Costume Ideas You Can Make

I love to make things—all sorts of things. On my pages, you will find how to make articles and more. It's all fun and mostly easy.

Check out Mental Floss for more pun costume ideas.

Check out Mental Floss for more pun costume ideas.

Be Amazon Prime in This Easy DIY Halloween Costume

The green top and green tulle skirt, along with the leaves and vines, create an Amazon queen theme. Add prime numbers to the shirt and you've got a punny costume, Amazon Prime.

This is a simple costume to put together. You will need:

  • A Green Top
  • A Green Skirt
  • Felt or Paper (to cut numbers out of)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Brain Storm a Pun Costume This Halloween

How do you make a Brain Storm costume? Looks pretty easy to me.

You will need:

  • Yellow Felt or Card Stock
  • Gray Shirt
  • Cotton Balls
  • Hat
  • Long Beads
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

Cut a lightning bolt shape out of some yellow card stock paper or out of some yellow felt. Pin or glue it on a gray shirt. Make your storm by gluing cotton balls onto a flat-brimmed hat. Hang some raindrop beads from the clouds so they surround your body, as shown in the picture. Hot glue is going to be your best friend in making this costume, but don't think it's difficult, 'cause it really isn't.

Killer B Costume

To make your own Killer B costume you will need:

  • Cardboard Letter B (trace the letter onto a cardboard box and cut it out)
  • Yarn (or string or elastic to make a shoulder strap to hang the B)
  • Yellow Paint & Brush
  • Black Pants & Shirt
  • Red Paint ...the blood on the B
  • A Toy Weapon

The letter B should be painted yellow and splattered with red paint. Glue the elastic straps onto the letter B. Or you can make a hole in the B and tie the yarn, string, or elastic through the holes to make arm loops.

Dress in a black shirt and pants. Put on the B and carry the toy weapon.

Another look is shown below with guns and bullets used as the weapon.

Disney on Ice Pun Outfit for Halloween

To make your own Disney On Ice costume to dress in this Halloween you will need:

  • A Styrofoam Cooler
  • Cotton
  • Walt's Mustache
  • Glue
  • Black Marker (to write Disney)

Cut a side off the cooler, glue some cotton to the inside of the cooler where you cut the side out, put on Walt's mustache, write DISNEY on the side of the cooler, and you've got a costume that will make your friends laugh every time they look at you.

I got a cooler just like this from my local liquor store . . . wonder if yours has one for you? If not, check out Amazon (where they have everything). I found one for about five dollars.

Monkey on My Back Pun Costume

Put your little monkey in a monkey costume and strap them on your back . . . now you've just become someone with a monkey on their back. Pun costume ideas are fun and this one is perfect for the new mom or dad who loves to dress up.

You will need:

  • A Baby Monkey Costume
  • A Baby Back Carrier

Chicken Cord on Blue

Here's an easy Chicken Cordon Bleu pun costume idea for those of you who think it's funny to turn a delicious, classic French entree into a witty Halloween costume. After all, it's so much fun to make your own Halloween costume and this Chicken Cord On Blue is an easy costume to make. You probably have the cord and the shirt already.

You will need:

  • A Rubber Chicken - Or A Stuffed Chicken
  • A Cord
  • A Blue Shirt

You should be able to find a cord and a blue shirt...the stuffed or rubber chicken is the one thing you may have to buy to create this costume look.

Now, if you like to cook, you might even whip up some of the French-style Cordon Bleu to eat before you go out celebrating Halloween in your humorous homemade costume! (Kind of like killing two birds with one stone, if you get my drift.)

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Pun Halloween Costume

These sexy Fifty Shades of Grey costumes are dresses covered in different color paint samples. It's a pretty simple costume to make and wear. Add some gray ties, and a face mask, and you've made a unique and funny Halloween costume.

Your Fifty Shades Of Gray Costume List:

  • Dress
  • Gray Paint Samples
  • Gray Tie
  • Mask

Kevin Bacon Is a New Halloween Pun Costume Theme

Who's your favorite movie star? Is it Kevin Bacon? Then this pun costume idea might be the one you choose to dress up in this Halloween. Wear (or make) a bacon costume and put on a name tag with Kevin on it . . . get it, Kevin . . . Bacon. Easy costume, unique theme, you probably won't be running into hoards of Kevins dressed up as bacon out on Halloween this year.

To make a Kevin Bacon costume you will need:

  • Bacon Costume (you can always look for bacon fabric and make your own)
  • Name Tag With Kevin Written On It

This Kevin Bacon is pictured paired up with a Deviled Egg . . . now that's a cute couples pun costume for Halloween!

So, are you ready to have some fun on Halloween with these Pun Costume ideas? I sure hope so, they are easy and inexpensive to make . . . and you will have people groaning and laughing all night long. Puns are funny, and pun costumes are hysterical if you are a pundit. Are you?

List of Easy-to-Make Pun Costumes

Here's a list of easy-to-make-yourself (DIY) costumes based on puns.

  • The French Kiss - dress up in an artist costume and paint your face with black and white makeup like the band, Kiss.
  • Sugar Mama - carry a big bag of sugar around in a baby carrier.
  • Identity Theft - Stick name tags on your shirt, lots of them, and make sure they each have a different name on each one.
  • The Grateful Dead - Zombie makeup and a sign that says "Thank You".
  • Nickelback - Glue lots of nickels to the back of your shirt.
  • Candy Rapper - Glue empty candy wrappers onto your clothing (get it?).
  • Freudian Slip - Glue Freudian words onto a slip - Id, Ego, Eros, Denial, Fixation, Guilt, Instinct, Neurosis, Oedipal, Self-analysis, Repression...
  • Life of the Party - A Party hat, some balloons, and a banner that says "Life".
  • Jack in the Box - A Box with a Jack name tag on it. Use suspenders to hold it on...
This was found at The Daily Scene but it's been deleted.  Jack in the Box is a great pun costume idea and it's easy to make.

This was found at The Daily Scene but it's been deleted. Jack in the Box is a great pun costume idea and it's easy to make.