Rocky Horror Picture Show Costume Ideas

Updated on January 3, 2018

These Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes are wild and fun to make and to dress up in. This Halloween, these costumes can stand alone or be used as a group costume theme. If you liked the movie and soundtrack, these outfits are perfect for you to wear to a Halloween party. Practice your singing and dancing and put on a show for your fellow revelers. Which character will you dress as: Dr. Frank N. Furter, Columbia, Magenta, Riff Raff, Brad, Janet, or the newly created man, Rocky?

It's usually cheaper to make your own costume for Halloween, but don't stress about it. You can find many of these Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes for sale at various online costume what's easiest for you.

Halloween Doesn't Have To Be A Drag - Have Costume Fun!

Ideas for Dressing as Frank N. Furter

Dr Frank-N-Furter Costume Ideas from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Dr Frank-N-Furter Costume Ideas from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. | Source

This cult classic has one crazy mad scientist in it, and this guy has two looks. In fact, he has been called an evil, psychotic scientist and an alien to boot. One look is as a wild-haired, bloody green lab coat, & pearl-necklace-wearing doctor. The other outfit is completely wild: it's his Transylvanian costume, complete with stockings and heels.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter wears the corset outfit for most of the film and it is the most recognizable of his outfits. The lab coat costume is a bit less 'showy' for those who are a bit shy going out in public dressed in lingerie. You could always add a cape to cover up the look.

To make the lab doctor costume you will need:

  • A Green Lab Coat - stain it with costume blood or food coloring
  • Pink Latex Gloves
  • Pearl Necklace - big pearls
  • High Heels
  • Wild Brown Wig - or mess up your hair with gel and spray
  • Makeup - White Foundation, Dark Blue Eyeshadow, Black Eyeliner, Dark Red Lipstick
  • Red Triangle Cut From Felt or Cloth (for the top left side of the lab coat)

To make the Transylvanian Dr. Frank-N-Futer costume you will need:

  • Pearl Necklace - big pearls
  • Black Corset
  • Black Womens Underwear
  • Black Garter Belt
  • Black Fishnet Stockings
  • High Heels
  • Black Cape (optional)
  • Wild Black Curly Wig or mess up your hair with gel and hairspray
  • Makeup - White Foundation, Dark Blue Eyeshadow, Black Eyeliner, Dark Red Lipstick

Dr. Frank-N-Furter Costume Ideas


The Rocky Horror Picture Show • Dr. Frank-n-Furter Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Who Is Your Favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show Character?

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Columbia Costume Ideas


Are you more interested in making a Columbia costume for Halloween? Columbia wears a couple different costumes in the movie, so you have a couple choices. One is a sequined number she tap dances in - get the sequins and glitter! Find a pair of tap shoes (the local consignment/thrift shop might be a good place to look). Columbia also wears a pair of blue socks in the movie. Practice tap dancing to Time Warp! She is Dr. Frank N. Furter's assistant.

Another Columbia costume look is created by putting an apron over your costume and wearing a face mask. One more Columbia costume matches Dr. Frank-N-Furter...a corset and stockings. Then of course, there is the blue and white striped men pajama look that she wears with open toe black shoes, Mickey Mouse ears, and lipstick.

Here's a list:

  • Sequin Top
  • Shorts
  • Tap Shoes
  • Blue Socks


  • Corset
  • Stockings
  • Heels


  • Blue & White Striped PJs
  • Mickey Mouse Ears
  • Open Toe Black Shoes

Columbia Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Hair & Makeup Tutorial

Riff Raff Costume Ideas


The Riff Raff costume is iconic, Riff Raff wears what is best described as a butler's costume. Black pants, a black jacket with a white shirt. His head is bald on the top and he has long hair at the sides. Dark circles around his eyes, he is an imposing figure. I love the white button spats worn to give his shoes the spectator look. He wears this outfit the entire movie until the end when he is dressed up as a spaceman. He reminds me of Lurch, the manservant from the Addams Family. Lurch, too, was a bit scary and ghastly looking just like Riff Raff. I love freaky films with butlers. And as we all know from old classic movies, "the butler did it!"

Here's what you need to make a Riff Raff costume:

  • Black Pants
  • Black Jacket
  • White Shirt
  • Spats For Shoes

Riff Raff- Rocky Horror Makeup Tutorial!

Magenta Costume Ideas


Thinking about making a Magenta costume for Halloween? Magenta is dressed throughout most of the Rocky Horror Picture Show as a maid. She wears the typical black maid's dress, a white apron, and white maid hat. I say typical, but nothing really looks typical on Magenta, does it? Thigh high black sheer stockings add a bit of wildness to her costume, and add some some black heels.

Magenta has a spectacular full head of deep red hair that's worn down and curly, you might need a wig to recreate her gorgeous tresses. Her eyes are dark and sultry, so gather lots of dark eye makeup for this costume look. Her skin is on the pale side, easy to achieve with a light foundation. Some bright red lipstick finishes her costume makeup look. That is her look throughout the entire movie until the end when, like Riff Raff, she dresses up in a spaceman costume...or is it spacewoman?

To make a DIY Magenta costume you will need:

  • Black Dress
  • White Apron
  • Maid's Hat
  • Black Stockings
  • Black Heels
  • Curly Red Wig


  • A Space Outfit

Magenta Rocky Horror Makeup

Janet Costume Ideas


Janet Costume Ideas

If you want to dress up as Janet Weiss, sweet Janet, you can look in your closet or attic to see if you have any clothes that look like hers. Janet wears a pink dress, a white sweater, and a fancy dress hat. At one point she is seen in a white slip and a white bra, stockings and a white purse. She also wears a lab coat at one time in the film. At the very end of the movie Janet gets dressed up in a corset with some thigh high stockings.Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

To make a Janet costume you will need:

  • Janet's Pink Dress
  • White Sweater
  • Hat


  • A Lab Coat


  • Corset
  • Thigh High Stockings
  • High Heels

Brad & Janet Costume Ideas

Janet Weiss costumes are easy to throw together, and so is Brad's outfit.
Janet Weiss costumes are easy to throw together, and so is Brad's outfit. | Source

Brad's Costume

Brad is a nerdy kind of guy and his outfit screams it, that means it is easy as can be to recreate this look.

To make your own Brad costume you will need:

  • A Tan Jacket With An Elastic Waistband
  • Blue V-neck Sweater Vest
  • Light Blue Shirt
  • White Sleeveless "Wifebeater" Undershirt
  • Gray Pants
  • Black Belt
  • Brown Loafers
  • Dark Rim Eyeglasses


  • A White Lab Coat

Rocky's Costume Looks Like Gold Short Shorts

This is not a Rocky Balboa costume!
This is not a Rocky Balboa costume! | Source

Rocky Costume Ideas

I think Rocky is the easiest costume to make since all he wears the entire movie is a little pair of gold pants - like small swim suit type short-shorts...not gold surf shorts. Rocky also wears gold wrestling shoes - you can spray paint an old pair of wrestling shoes or high tops to achieve this look. He also has a scene where he wears an orange bed sheet.

Here is your Rocky costume list:

  • Short, Tight Gold Shorts
  • Gold Wrestling Shoes (or any wrestling shoes and gold spray paint)


  • An Orange Bed Sheet

Betty Munroe Hapschatt Costume Ideas


Betty Munroe Hapschatt was in the wedding scene at the very beginning of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Janet went to the wedding and then...well, then everything went a bit crazy, and we are glad it did. To make your own Betty Munroe wedding dress, look for an older wedding gown with long sleeves and a high collar. The only problem with the Betty Munroe Hapschatt costume one will know who you are unless you tell them or go in a group costume with your friends dressed up as Dr. Frank N. Furter, Magenta, Columbia, Riff Raff, Janet Weiss, Brad and Rocky!

So to make a Betty Munroe costume you will need:

  • A Bridal Gown - Long Sleeves & A High Neck
  • A Wedding Bouquet
  • A Bridal Veil

Rocky Horror Show Cast


About The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror PIcture Show is a cult classic. Fans have seen it over and over again since 1975 and it gets new fans every year. It runs in theaters around Halloween time. This comedy-horror show tells us the story of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, travelers on a rainy night who come across a spooky mansion filled with some unique, and alien, characters.

After getting engaged their car breaks down in the woods and the only place nearby is a spooky looking castle. Just as you would expect, the door of the mansion is opened by a freaky looking butler. Meet Riff Raff. There's a party going on in the mansion and this is where Janet and Brad meet the strange group that has gathered. This group included: Dr. Frank N. Furter, a completely mad scientist who believes he is from another planet; His assistant Columbia and his maid, Magenta.

Dr. Frank N. Furter shows his Frankenstein style creation, a man wrapped up in a liquid filled tank. Instead of a frightening monster, Dr. Frank reveals a hot, hunk with blond hair and a body clad in a small, gold pair of shorts. What does this hunk do? He starts to sing. Who shows up next? Meat Loaf dressed as a biker dude looking for his ex-girlfriend, Columbia.

If you haven't seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show, watch it. It's fun, it's weird, it's perfect for Halloween. If you have seen this strange film, watch it's FUN!

Want more Rocky Horror Picture Show costume ideas? Check Amazon to get tips and ideas on how to make your costume.

'Time Warp' Scene w/ Lyrics | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack

  1. "Science Fiction/Double Feature" - The Lips (those of Patricia Quinn; voice of Richard O'Brien)
  2. "Dammit Janet" - Brad, Janet, and Chorus
  3. "There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)" - Janet, Brad, Riff Raff, and Chorus
  4. "The Time Warp" - Riff Raff, Magenta, The Criminologist, Columbia, and Transylvanians
  5. "Sweet Transvestite" - Frank
  6. "The Sword of Damocles" - Rocky and Transylvanians
  7. "I Can Make You a Man" - Frank with Brad, Janet, Riff Raff, Magenta, and Columbia
  8. "Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul" - Eddie and Transylvanians
  9. "I Can Make You a Man" (reprise) - Frank, Janet, and Transylvanians
  10. "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me" - Janet with Magenta, Columbia, Rocky, Brad, Frank, and Riff Raff
  11. "Once in a While" (deleted scene) - Brad
  12. "Eddie" - Dr. Scott, The Criminologist, Janet, Columbia, Frank, Rocky, Brad, Riff Raff, and Magenta
  13. "Planet Schmanet Janet (Wise Up Janet Weiss)" - Frank, Janet, Brad, and Dr. Scott
  14. "Rose Tint My World" - Columbia, Rocky, Janet, and Brad
  15. "Fanfare/Don't Dream It, Be It" - Frank with Brad, Janet, Rocky, and Columbia
  16. "Wild and Untamed Thing" - Frank with Brad, Janet, Rocky, Columbia, and Riff Raff
  17. "I'm Going Home" - Frank and Chorus
  18. "The Time Warp" (reprise) - Riff Raff and Magenta
  19. "Super Heroes" (only present in the original UK release) - Brad, Janet, and Chorus
  20. "Science Fiction/Double Feature" (reprise) - The Lips

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie

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        I made my costume (Columbia) and my boyfriend's costume(Eddie) I ordered it Columbia outfit online and it looks cheap so I fixed it up. But I made Eddie's vest jacket out of a vest . Where can I post my pictures


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