Top 10 Best Anime Cosplay Costumes For Kids

Updated on October 28, 2016

Anime Cosplay events are held almost every week these days in different venues. This is one of the many proofs that the "Anime Fever" is still burning intensely and expected to live on. Is your kid among the billions of anime fans around the world? Is he/she interested to participate in an upcoming Cosplay Event?

A part of your responsibilities as a parent is supporting your kid on anything that makes them happy as long as it doesn’t come with alarming risks. Idolizing anime characters is not as bad as it seems unlike what most parents believe. Most personalities from the anime world, if not all, portray important life values. Your kids will not only enjoy from watching them but also learn more about friendship, courage, love, respect, teamwork, and may more along the way.

Why not make join your kids in attending a cosplay event and make it a family bonding? All you need to do is choose costumes that your kids will love while not compromising your budget. I know it’s never easy for a newcomer in the world on anime to decide on such matter so here is a list of the Top 10 Best Anime Cosplay Costume for Kids to help you out. Always remember that the only rule in attending events is to have fun. Wear a nice smile and be there for your kids to support them all the way!

Inuyasha Kid Cosplay
Inuyasha Kid Cosplay

Inuyasha is a half-demon and the main protagonist in the highly-underrated anime series entitled “Inuyasha.” This anime series is a classic. Though its illustrations are not as stunning compared to recently released anime shows today, the story line and action scenes are nothing but extraordinary.

Despite having demon’s blood flowing in his veins, Inuyasha has a pure heart. He even declines to finish off an enemy despite how cruel it might be. He is also the loyal protector of Kagome. Inuyasha will do everything to keep the young maiden safe, even put his own life at great risk. No monster or demon is strong enough to stop him from expressing how special Kagome is. The feeling is mutual, making this series one the best celebrations of love in the anime world. Your young person will surely love to cosplay this anime character especially if they're strong like Inuyasha. This costume requires minimal props, and its details are very simple, making it perfect for those who want to save while still seeing their kid enjoy a cosplay event.

Uzumaki Naruto Kid Cosplay
Uzumaki Naruto Kid Cosplay

This Uzumaki Naruto costume is perfect for energetic young kids. This anime character is regarded by many as the most popular today. He is known for his tenacity, courage, and how he truly values friendship. Though this costume requires a lot of effort particularly in preparing your kid’s wig and makeup, it will all pay off in the end. Your kid can easily capture the spotlight at any event, as they portray the most beloved young shinobi in the anime world.

Why choose Naruto? This anime character acknowledges the importance of bonds. Throughout the series, Naruto displayed true friendship and how it can conquer any challenge. Along with his friends, he worked hard to protect his village and create a path towards peace and prosperity. There’s no better way to encourage your kids to play the role of Naruto other than letting them watch the anime series. Join your kid so both of you can personally experience why Naruto is an anime character worthy of the love and respect from his countless fans across the globe.

This Son Gohan cosplay costume is excellent for kids who love Dragonball Z the most. Though it’s simple, you can add other accessories like the one star Dragonball and a tail to spice things up. Gohan is also fond of riding Son Goku’s magical cloud when he was a kid so it’s a perfect prop as well.

Is Gohan someone worthy of portraying? Of course he is! Gohan is the son of Goku, the strongest being in the universe. Though he was first trained by Piccolo, Goku’s trusted friend, Gohan turned out to be a reliable warrior. He was the one who defeated Cell, a very strong android that can suck any living being though its tail and increase its power in the process. Gohan also played a major role in defeating other major foes in the Dragonball Series like Majin Buu and Baby. In rage, almost no one or nothing can stop Gohan from protecting the people he holds dear.

Another good aspect about the Gohan costume is that it comes with a cap so you don’t need to worry about preparing your kid’s hair to match Gohan’s.

Son Gohan Kid Cosplay
Son Gohan Kid Cosplay

I recommend the Monkey D. Luffy costume for parents who lack both time and budget in preparing for an event where their kid will be participating. You don’t even need to purchase anything aside from a straw hat to complete Luffy’s getup. Preparing the costume is as easy as finding a red shirt and a worn out jeans for kids. Simple makeup works to create the signature Monkey D. Luffy scar that's just below his left eye and completes the look.

Why portray Monkey D. Luffy? Aside from being the main protagonist of an infamous anime series entitled “One Piece,” Luffy is very popular because of his innocence. His childish way of thinking made him a very lovable character. Nevertheless, Monkey D. Luffy’s true power often comes out once the safety of anyone he holds dear is in jeopardy. This young pirate will do anything to fulfill a promise, protect a friend, and achieve his dream to be the next King of Pirates. How he works hard to pursue a goal is a trait you surely want your kid to imitate.

Monkey D. Luffy Kid Cosplay
Monkey D. Luffy Kid Cosplay

Are you willing to go through tedious makeup and costume preparation just to make your young child the cutest participant at the cosplay event? This Chun Li costume is certainly one of your best options. This costume looks good particularly for those with long hair. Though you can turn to hair extensions, having a naturally long hair can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Creating your own costume is not advisable since it’s very complicated. Stay away from all the hassle by simply purchasing a complete set with accessories and prop online.

Chun Li is the main female protagonist of the Street Fighter franchise. Though Street Fighter started out as a game, several movies were made about it in the past years, and all of them were warmly accepted by both anime and game fans. Chun Li is a hard-working martial artist who vowed to continue her ancestors’ role, which is to protect humanity from people who tend to use the power of martial arts for evil.

Ash Ketchum is one of the most lovable anime characters to date. In the anime and manga series, he is portrayed as a young boy who dreams to become the next Pokémon master. His fame is undeniable. In fact, countless games have been made where players take the role of Ash and embark on an epic journey to catch and train Pokemon in order to set forth the hidden potential of Pokemon.

Aside from this character’s fame, an Ash costume is a good choice since this lovable character owns a pure heart. He treats Pokemon not just battle pets, but as best friends. Ash won’t compromise the safety of his Pokemon for any selfish reason. This is probably why his Pokemon trust him so much and would do anything to help Ash become the next Pokemon master. Ash’s getup is very simple. It involves a hat with a Pokeball design and a blue jacket. He also wears a basic pair of jeans, so you don’t to worry about pants too much. By choosing Ash Ketchum as a model for your kid’s cosplay, you’ll not only save time, effort, and money, but also improve your kid’s chances to standout and be one of the best participants at the event.

Chun Li Kid Cosplay
Chun Li Kid Cosplay

Death Note is a story of a young genius named Yagami Light who picked up a Death Note. Like the usual initial reaction, he simply thought that it was unreal and just another prank. Nevertheless, he tried it on a hostage taker seen in the television and validated its legitimacy. He actually has a real Death Note used by Shinigamis to carry out their work. As Light slowly discovers the Death Note’s true power, he eventually decides to cleanse the world. He used the information from his father who is a chief policeman to eliminate everyone in jail and those who are still hiding from the law after committing heinous crimes. His intentions are good, but it doesn’t justify Light’s means. This is why the famous young detective with a codename “L” stepped in. The duel of wits and strategies came after introducing mind-boggling situations and exciting events rarely portrayed in any anime series.

This anime series strongly portrays the value of life. No man is powerful enough to be given the right to kill anyone, even those who committed unthinkable crimes. We all deserve a second chance and change for the better always remains as an option. Death Note is a good anime series for your kids, but don’t let them watch alone. Some episodes contain disturbing situations, so you must always be there to supply meaningful explanations.

Death Note costumes are very simple. All you need to worry about is doing your kid’s makeup and fixing their hair to match either Light or “L”. Misa Amane, the anime series’ main female protagonist is a good option as well for young people who love Death Note.

Ash Ketchum Kid Cosplay
Ash Ketchum Kid Cosplay

Ryoma Echizen’s name is a legend in the anime world. He is a young boy who has an innate talent for tennis. He is one of the main characters of the anime series entitle “Prince of Tennis.” Ryoma instantly caught the attention of tennis enthusiasts as he defeated a known regular of his new high school team during a practice match. His tennis skills went viral and eventually led him to become a regular Seigaku member. Many believe that Ryoma ended successful because of sheer talent, but it’s certainly not the case. He worked hard to achieve the level of tennis he is enjoying at present. Surprisingly, Ryoma’s main goal is not to win any competition but to simply beat his father, Nanjiro Echizen, who is known as the best professional tennis player from Japan.

Ryoma’s getup is very easy to copy. It’s composed of a hat and a jacket worn by regular players from Seigaku High School. To complete the look, purchase a tennis racket for kids with a case which closely matches with what Ryoma owns. Copying his hairstyle is unnecessary, but it will make your kid look even better and closer to Ryoma’s intimidating tennis getup.

Arale-chan is the main female protagonist of the anime series called “Dr. Slump.” This is a classic, so don't be surprised when only a few people know about this extremely underrated anime flick. Arale-chan is young female robot created by Senbei Norimaki, the main male protagonist of the series. She has superhuman strength and agility, so keeping her away from the public’s scrupulous eyes is almost impossible. Despite being a robot, Arale-chan is gentle and very eager to prove her worth. She is fun to be with because of her silly jokes and unnatural innocence.

Do you have a young person who wants to join an upcoming cosplay event? This getup is, without a doubt, your best pick. It’s simple, yet stunning. You have two options regarding this matter: the first one is to personally create the dress and supply the needed accessories, while the other one is to purchase a whole set online. The latter is advisable for busy parents, but the first is highly preferred if you don’t have enough budget but do have all the time you need for preparation.

Deathnote Kids Cosplay
Deathnote Kids Cosplay
Arale-Chan Kid Cosplay
Arale-Chan Kid Cosplay
Echizen Ryoma Kid Cosplay
Echizen Ryoma Kid Cosplay

Sakura Haruno is among the major female characters of the long-running anime series entitled “Naruto.” She is a bashful young woman who dedicates most of her time learning healing techniques to aid her comrades during battle. But don’t misunderstand her since Sakura’s offensive capability is far from mediocre. Her punch is strong enough to turn a huge rock into dust. She may lack speed and agility, yet it usually only takes one clean hit for her to eliminate even a powerful foe.

Sakura’s immense power and healing techniques are not the only sources of her strength. Her pure and merciful heart made Sakura one of the best shinobis from Leaf Village. Though Sakura’s heart was entirely broken after Uchiha Sasuke left their village to seek more power, she remained strong and worked harder in proving her worth. She vowed to do her best alongside with Uzumaki Naruto in finding their long-lost friend and bring back the true friendship they once shared.

Sakura’s overall look in both the anime and manga series is very stunning. A pretty young kid who portrays her on a cosplay event will most likely steal the show. With some effort and creativity, a Sakura costume can be the perfect one for your princess.

Which of these is the best Anime Cosplay Costume for Kids?

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Sakura Haruno Kid Cosplay
Sakura Haruno Kid Cosplay

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        16 months ago

        So can you please put mother's day on Saturday Agust 11,2018- the holl year and till the holl month ends.

      • profile image

        Scorpio Fetish 

        3 years ago

        I got inspired by the Arale Chan cosplay thank yu~

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        5 years ago

        your custume is beutifull

      • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Davao City

        Thank you. That's one of my favorites as well.

      • LovelyAni profile image


        6 years ago from Connecticut

        Omg, the inyuasha one is adorable ! Nice job :)

      • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Davao City

        Thank you! Kids are really easy to dress up with anime cosplay costumes since they're naturally cute. Thank you for commenting and have a nice day!

      • Brett.Tesol profile image

        Brett C 

        6 years ago from Asia

        Some great ideas for those with kids!

        Shared, up and useful.


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