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How to Make an Aquaman Halloween Costume

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Here are the different types of clothing you will need to make your own Aquaman costume this year for Halloween

Here are the different types of clothing you will need to make your own Aquaman costume this year for Halloween

Some Facts About Aquaman and His Super Powers

Why do you want to dress up like Aquaman for Halloween? Love the Sea? Love superheroes? Love this super-bad superhero? Why not combine the above reasons and make your own Aquaman costume for Halloween this year? Aquaman was cast out of Atlantis when he was a baby and has lived his entire life thinking he was Arthur Curry, a human, and the son of a lighthouse keeper. His Atlantean name is Orin.

His Atlantean powers include:

  • Breathing Under Water
  • Swim At Unbelievable Speeds
  • Communicate With Sea Life
  • Having Superhuman Strength
  • Super Enhanced Senses
  • Skin That Cannot Be Penetrated By Even Machine Gun Fire

There are a couple of different storylines that tell us about Arthur and how he finds out he is King of Atlantis. But now that he has learned who he really is, he must protect two worlds he loves, the one under the sea and the one above the sea.

This is the look you are going for.  I found this picture on etsy, it's a great costume, but it costs over four hundred dollars.  Cheaper to make your own.

This is the look you are going for. I found this picture on etsy, it's a great costume, but it costs over four hundred dollars. Cheaper to make your own.

What Do I Need to Make an Aquaman Costume?

To re-create this Atlantean's costume for Halloween you will need the following:

  • A Tight-Fitting, Long-Sleeve Shirt
  • Compression Pants In Green
  • A Green or Black Speedo
  • Green Boots
  • Green Gauntlet Style Gloves
  • Optional - Netting To Wear Over The Shirt To Make It Look Like Scales
  • A Gold Trident
  • Yellow Belt With A Large Letter "A"

He is described as having blue eyes, blond hair,

If you are looking for a couples or a group costume idea here are a few ideas:

  • Aquagirl
  • The Justice League

Elements of Aquaman's Costume


Tight Long Sleeve Orange Shirt Or

Tight Green Compression Pants Or

Green Gloves/Boots

Tight Long Sleeve Gold Shirt

Green Tights Or Stretch Pants

Gold Trident

"A" Shaped Belt Buckle

Assemble Your Costume

Did you find the shirt? Did you find the pants? Great! If you decide to use the netting to make it look like your costume has scales, hang it over the shirt, see where you want those scales to be, and pin it to your shirt. Add the boots, the yellow belt with the big letter "A," and the gauntlet-style green gloves.

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You can buy a trident or watch the video below that will tell you how to make your own trident, and it will cost you about one dollar! Cheap is great at Halloween time. There is also a video that will show someone drawing scales on the orange shirt if you decide to do that. I don't think it's necessary, but I am not the one making this costume, am I?

Justice League Movie

Find out more about the Aquaman movie that's going to be released in 2018. Jason Momoa, who I love as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, is going to play the Atlantean King. Good choice, even though he is not who I ever pictured as Arthur Curry/Aquaman. I can't wait to see this film.

Put Your Costume Together

Finding the right pants, shirt, gloves, and boots is the challenge in making this costume for Halloween, and that shouldn't be that difficult. The trident is easy to find and buy, and it's easy to make yourself. Get some spray hair color and color your hair blonde. Justice League fans are going to love seeing this DC Comic character come to life!

Halloween comes once a year, and it will be here before you know it. Start looking for your costume today. Check your closets, thrift shops, cheap clothing stores, and sale racks. If that doesn't work, take a look at what you have that you can paint or dye the right colors. Just use a little bit of creativity and imagination, and you are sure to make yourself a great costume for Halloween this year.

Arthur Curry Quote

"Arthur 'AC' Curry: You want to know the real reason why I freed those dolphins? It's because I felt like they were calling to me.

Eva: What are you saying, you can talk to fish now? -

— Aquaman TV - 2006

Aquaman Family and Friends

Aquaman had a family and many friends. Here's a partial list:

  • Mera - His Wife
  • Aquagirl - Mareena His Daughter
  • Aquababy - His Son
  • Atlan - His Father
  • Bushmaster
  • Corona
  • Dolphin
  • Hal Jordan
  • Professor Brandt
  • Stephen Shin

Aquaman and Justice League

Arthur was a founding member of The Justice League.

The Justice League consists of:

  • Aquaman
  • Batman
  • Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Superman
  • Wonder Woman

The Justice League was formed by these 7 Superheroes after they stopped an event called the Imperium Invasion. These heroes were made aware of the powerful enemies the Earth had and wanted to make sure these invaders would never take over the planet.

"I don't talk to fish"

"I don't talk to fish"

Aquaman's Enemies

  • Ocean Master
  • The Scavenger
  • The Fisherman
  • Huntress From O.G.R.E
  • Deep Six
  • Quisp
  • Human Flying Fish
  • Gamemnae
  • King Shark
  • Black Manta

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