Making a Homemade Punk Costume: Ideas and Instructions

Updated on September 25, 2015

What Does a Punk Costume Look Like?

Before making a punk costume, you should know that it's kind of hard to define what "punk" is. Of course, you can always check out the Wikipedia article, but that only scratches the surface.

The main thing about punk: It's about breaking rules and not letting "the man" tie you down. With that in mind, use my examples as guidelines! Don't be afraid to take the costume in your own direction. A true punk would never worry about the details, and neither should you.

The second thing to remember is that contrast is good. Hard and soft, bright and dark, playful and angry—the more, the merrier.

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DIY Punk Costume: What You'll Need

Shoes and Accessories
Big, messy, and colorful (instructions below).
Tight jeans.
Old band/concert T-shirt.
Combat boots!
Faux-hawk (see instructions below).
Leather pants.
Tight fitting, bright colors.
Belt necklace (see instructions below).
Spikes (see instructions below).
Plaid or any strong graphic pattern.
Clashing patterns, odd or random images and text.
Safety pins and studs.
Golf pants.
Slash it here and there for a "distressed" look!
Ear, nose, and lip piercings.

A Homemade Punk Costume

The Punk Costume Shirt

Show your punk pride! You have a lot of options when choosing a shirt. Band and concert T-shirts are always a good choice, as is any shirt with bright colors. It's best if the shirt is really tight on you.

If you don't already have the right shirt at home, head to your local thrift store. Look for anything with strong patterns that contrast with other parts of your costume (such as the pants). If you see anything that makes you scratch your head, like a shirt with a beheaded doll or a dead chicken, it is probably perfect.

Don't be afraid of modification! I cut slits in the sides and top of the shirt in the video above and tied up the sides to give it a "distressed" look. It's a great way to add your own personality to an outfit.

Punk Pants and Shoes

Put your crazy pants on! If you have tight jeans or leather pants, these can work well. Alternately, scour the thrift store or other local low-cost clothing store for pants with a strong graphic pattern. Plaid is a good choice along with anything labeled "golf pants" (dorky multi-colored pants that flare at the ankles). Camoflage pants also work. The more they contrast with your shirt, the better!

As for the shoes, black combat boots are a good choice. You can also wear statement sneakers such as Converse. Eh, take that back. Converse are a little too in right now and punks never go with the flow!

A Studded Collar is Good as Well

Leather Mens Choker Necklaces Gothic Spiked D Ring Black Leather Choker Fantasy Black
Leather Mens Choker Necklaces Gothic Spiked D Ring Black Leather Choker Fantasy Black

A studded collar can be used with or without a belt necklace. This necklace is definitely an integral part of the punk costume. You can find necklaces like this at Hot Topic, Spencer's Gifts, or other similar stores.


What Is Your Favorite Part of the Punk Costume? - Vote Here!

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How to Create a Faux Mohawk Hairstyle

Want Spikes Instead?

Earrings and Other Accessories

The icing on the punk cake: If you have piercings in your ears or elsewhere, simply find some large, dramatic jewelry to fill them with. Safety pins and other graphic items are good. I wouldn't want to stick an actual safety pin in my ear, but you can find safety pin jewelry, or simply put safety pins in your clothes.

Nose, eyebrow, lip, and other piercings are very punk. If you're not up to getting a piercing just to suit your costume, consider some fake piercing jewelry. You can find these in both magnetic and flexible form.

Head Out to the Party!

Punk Rock 101: Boot Camp—Music to Get You Into the Punk Mood

Are You Going to Try This Punk Costume? Can You Handle It?

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As far as punk costumes are concerned...

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Pictures of Punks: Find More Ideas Here

Two goth punks in Germany.
Two goth punks in Germany. | Source
Richie in the movie "Summer of Sam."
Richie in the movie "Summer of Sam."
The "Star Trek" punk.
The "Star Trek" punk.

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        @anonymous: Sorry you didn't find what you were looking for! Don't worry, there are a wide range of "punk" looks to choose from. If you're looking for different top ideas, a military/leather jacket (often found in surplus or thrift stores) can go over just about any sort of interesting t-shirt you can imagine. For the bottoms, you have a lot of options: anything from faded/torn jeans to even dark tights and a plaid skirt. You can do an internet search for images of "punks" or "punk clothes" to get more ideas. Hope this helps!

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        My daughter is having a dance recital. We have to make a punk costume, but I don't like these ideas!!!!!!!

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