Tips and Ideas for James Bond (and Other Characters) Fancy-Dress Costumes

Updated on July 13, 2017

Fancy Dress and Halloween Costume Ideas with a Bond Theme


At Halloween and all year long, there are opportunities to dress up in costume. The next time you are dressing up in costume, go as something a little different. Dress up in a James Bond-inspired costume. There are so many characters to choose from: a Bond girl, 007 himself, or one of the iconic villains, including Baron Von Samedi, Jaws, and Blofeld. If you're not shy, you might want to don a bodysuit and paint yourself with typography like one of the Bond girls from a vintage paperback. It's up to you!

Read on for new ideas and tips to help put your look together.

Bond, James Bond

If you're looking to dress as Agent 007 himself, you'd be wise to go ahead and purchase a tuxedo. Do some research. It can be less expensive to buy one than to rent.

An elegant, Sean Connery-style James Bond costume could include:

  • Tuxedo with bow tie
  • A fake gun (an imitation Walther would be ideal!)
  • A martini glass (shaken, not stirred)
  • A lipstick kiss on your cheek

The Bad Guys: Blofeld, Jaws, Emilio Largo

A James Bond-theme costume doesn't have to be 007. Consider one of the creepy bad guys that have nearly done Bond in over the years. I've listed some of the best villains from Bond films below.

  • The Three Blind Mice (a great group costume!)—Dr. No
  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld—From Russia With Love, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, For Your Eyes Only, Never Say Never Again
  • Oddjob - Goldfinger
  • Arabic Man - Diamonds Are Forever
  • Baron Samedi - Live and Let Die
  • Nick Nack - The Man With The Golden Gun
  • Jaws - The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Gobinda - Octopussy

007 Villains Over the Years

Ernest Stavro Blofeld Costume Ideas

Blofeld is one of the most notorious villains in the 007 franchise. His character appears in several films and is played by three different actors. One of the best for a costume, however, would be to dress as Donald Pleasance's Blofeld. This is the most memorable portrayal, in my opinion. A Blofeld costume could include:

  • Bald head (rubber head skins are easily available online)
  • Scar around right eye and down cheek
  • White cat (stuffed will work!)
  • Beige Mao suit

A Jaws Video Clip

A Jaws costume can be quite simple, but really must include fake metal teeth. I found some online that I highly recommend. Other details to complete your Jaws look could include:

  • Shaggy brown wig
  • Over-sized suit coat with shoulder pads
  • Tunic top, as worn in the above video

Baron Samedi Costume

Baron Samedi's character features an over-the-top costume and laugh. This is a fun costume to put together and could include:

  • Black and white face paint
  • A top hat (black or white)
  • A white Elvis-style coat with extra high collar or long black coat
  • White crucifix
  • Skeleton bones painted on body
  • Loincloth
  • Deep belly laugh

A Play On Words, James Bond Style

There are some clever but simple ways to dress up as a James Bond character. If you're in a hurry, or you like the idea of a play on words costume, consider some of these easy ideas:

  • Paint a finger gold (Get it?)
  • Carry a "golden gun" in a holster (Do I need to explain?)
  • Frame your face with a paper sun cutout with beams of sunlight coming out from it (You'll be dressed as The Living Daylights)
  • Wear gold sunglasses, gold eyeshadow, or gold fake lashes (GoldenEye)
  • Dress as a doctor and wear a name tag with a first name and the surname "No"

Bond Girls: James Bond Costume Ideas for Women

The Bond girls were all classic examples of 1960s and 1970s glamour. Top Hollywood sex symbols played these characters: Ursula Andress, Diana Rigg, Jane Seymour, Britt Ekland, and Barbara Bach.

For a simple Bond girl costume could involve standard 1960s style makeup (big fake lashes, eyeliner, light lipstick), a big bouffant, short dress, and Go-go boots. Check out the video below for a peek at different Bond girl looks over the decades.

Of course, there are much more elaborate ideas too, including all-over body paint . . .

Consider painting yourself gold and going to the party as the poor girl who gets dipped in Goldfinger.
Consider painting yourself gold and going to the party as the poor girl who gets dipped in Goldfinger. | Source

Different Bond Girl Looks Over the Years

What is the best costume for a male James Bond villain?

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Original James Bond Movie Trailers

Get yourself into the right James Bond mood and pick up a few more ideas, by watching some original movie trailers.


From Russia With Love


Which Is Your Favorite James Bond Costume?

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      Best Actor.

      See the complete James Bond Movie List here -

      You should add this video to your lens.

      Just wanted to help you with your awesome lens.

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