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How to Make a Milhouse Costume

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How to do a Milhouse costume or cosplay

How to do a Milhouse costume or cosplay

I Had a Dream That I Was Milhouse for Halloween

A Milhouse costume is easy to throw together, and you don't need to be a crafter or DIYer to make it super accurate. In this guide, I'm offering some tips and products to make your Milhouse costume or cosplay milperfect.

Why Milhouse? I'm a big Simpsons fan, but I had a dream of becoming Milhouse Van Houten for Halloween a few years back. Milhouse and I have the same (huge) nose and, at the time, we had the same haircut. It was one of the most appropriate costumes I have ever thought of for myself, and there's nothing better than dressing up like a character that you actually look like.

Unfortunately, since my epiphany, my hair has grown out. My nose . . . remains. I made this guide in equal parts for myself as I did for anyone else that wants to dress up as Milhouse for Halloween of Comic Con. Someday, Milhouse, someday.

How to Get Milhouse Hair

Milhouse Van Houten, like Marge Simpson, sports a full head of luscious royal blue hair. Milhouse opts for the traditional boyish side part. It's a look that's easily achieved with some gel or hairspray and a devil-may-care attitude.

As I see it, you have four options. I've ranked them from most to least milperfect:

  1. Manic Panic (or similar hair dye): If you're fully committed to Milhouse cosplay, Manic Panic is the way to go. I've used this hair dye in the past and the colors are VIBRANT. It shows up best in bleached hair, and while it does fade and get everywhere (hello dyed bathtub towels), you aren't going to get a more true color anywhere else. Be forewarned, you need to be FULLY COMMITTED if you want to go this route—the color will stay with you. I'm not convinced this stuff ever washes out completely.
  2. Spray-on color: Make sure you get proper cobalt blue (rather than navy).
  3. A bright blue wig: You can always cut and style it to make it more accurate. They don't actually sell Milhouse wigs that I can see (shocking, no?). This wig was the closest I could find to Milhouse's royal blue helmet. With a little trimming, styling, and some hairspray, I think it would look accurate. Be sure to trim the bottom too, you don't want any Florence Henderson-ness going on here.
  4. Your normal hair (styled appropriately): Not ideal, but if you don't want to mess with your hair (and it's already short and dark), you might be able to get away with it. If you already have the right haircut, colored hair spray is an easy route to Milhouse glory. To use it, spray and comb your hair into the proper shape (I'd use a comb you don't care about). The color washes out with shampoo.

How to Curate Milhouse Clothes

Milhouse is a dapper young gentleman. He dresses sensibly, but with his own unique flair. Plus his mom says he's the handsomest guy in school.

  • Shirt: When searching for a shirt, look out for the following color names: orchid, violet, light purple, pale purple, or lavender. A very light pink could also work. Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, and American Apparel make good plain-colored shirts.
  • Shorts: I suppose they're man capris, actually. I recommend Dickies. If you're making the costume for a child or someone with a smaller frame, women's scrubs cut to look like Milhouse's (highwater) pants will probably be your best bet.

How to Get Milhouse Shoes

Milhouse's shoes are red, presumably canvas, and slightly tapered at the end. Milshoes are basically ninja shoes. It explains why he is so nimble and graceful.

  • Shoes: Toms are my top pick, but if you want to go cheaper, any canvas-style red shoe would work. Here are some other brands/styles to consider: Vans slip-ons or classic lace-ups, Keds, or Converse Chuck Taylors.

How to Get Milhouse Glasses

The glasses are possibly the most iconic part of Milhouse. The glasses themselves have a classic 20s-style round lens that's really popular right now. They're also red, but I think you could get away with black in a pinch.

Now take off those glasses so they can see your beautiful eyes.

  • Glasses: You can find them at costume stores or online for super cheap.
  • Eyebrows: Milhouse's brick-shaped blue eyebrows are crucial. You can paint them on with some royal blue face paint or go to a craft store and get some felt or fuzzy blue fabric and stick 'em to your face with spirit gum.

To Paint or Not to Paint Your Body Yellow

You absolutely do not need to paint or cover your skin and give it that "Simpsons glow" to have a great costume. At the same time, no one will fault you if you decide to do something about that awful naturally toned skin of yours either.

  • Tip: If you are looking for a more natural route and aren't worried about being yellow for a few days, consider putting Tumeric (yes as in Tumeric the spice) on your skin as a paste, let it dry, then rinse it off. It will give your skin a yellowish hue without the paint. Be forewarned, it will take some effort to get the color off completely.

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sam martin on January 11, 2018:

milhouse? more like, THRILLHOUSE!!!

Merry Citarella from Oregon's Southern Coast on April 19, 2014:

Very clever idea! Love it. So nice to see something non-monster or vampire too.