Ideas for Creating a Narnia White Witch Costume

Updated on August 8, 2017
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Halloween is a real favorite time of year, and we go all-out with our decorations and costumes for this fun occasion.

Wear a Wonderful, Magical Winter Themed Ice Queen Costume Like Jadis from Narnia

Both girls and ladies will love dressing up in a snow queen costume that makes a wonderful winter-themed outfit that can be worn to Halloween or costume parties and also fantasy conventions.

Whether you want to look like Jadis, the terrible witch from the Chronicles of Narnia movies, or you just want a softer look snow princess like Elsa from Frozen for yourself or a little girl, this is the page you definitely need to bookmark and revisit for lots of ideas.

In just five simple steps, you'll see how you can pull together a stunning winter queen costume with all the appropriate icy accessories to match. Don't struggle to hunt around for make-up, wig or costume ideas when it's all right here on one page. Come take a look at how to dress just like this spell binding character.

White winter witch costume and cosplay guide with lots of help from clothes, accessories and make-up.
White winter witch costume and cosplay guide with lots of help from clothes, accessories and make-up. | Source

Step 1 - A White Witch Costume for Girls and Adults

Ice Queen Cloak or Wrap - Adult Clothes for an Icy Cool Winter Witch

If you wear a pale blue or white cape over the top of a white or a very cool and light colored dress (pale gray, silver or ice blue is perfect) then you've managed to create quite a bit of the style that you need in order to look the part.

A dress on its own does not make for a very convincing winter-themed outfit, so a long white cloak with hood or a little faux fur cape like this really works well.

But don't forget, that every important queen needs a sparkling tiara and all her glistening finery to wear! There are lots of ideas here on accessories and make-up to finish your style and look perfectly.

Silver white velvet hooded cloak ideal for a winter witch or Queen costume
Silver white velvet hooded cloak ideal for a winter witch or Queen costume

Cloaks, Capes and Faux Fur Wraps

Perfect for an Elegant Winter Themed Costume. A white or pale color cloak, cape or wrap makes an ideal wintry outfit for an adult Halloween costume. You could wear a long and simple classic white dress underneath or even just a white t-shirt and pants.

For a teenager or an adult, you could probably adapt some clothing that you already have in order to make a suitable outfit or Narnia ice queen fancy dress. An old bridesmaid, wedding, prom or party dress in crisp white, pale gray, silver or light blue would all give the basic look for the ice queen and winter themed outfit that you need to get into character.

Alternatively, for something quite figure hugging, how about a tight white bodice plus a flowing icy skirt in shades of light gray or cool blue. Team this up with some sparkling silver accessories such as silver shoes or sandals and there's your costume, done!

You also have the option of making your own hooded cloak from a sewing pattern.

Faux fur lined white hooded cloak winter woman
Faux fur lined white hooded cloak winter woman | Source

A white faux fur wrap really adds to a white witch outfit for an adult costume. You could wear a slinky white or silver dress underneath or a white t-shirt and pants or trousers. Team this up with some sparkling silver accessories such as strappy shoes or sandals and there's the essence of your costume - done!

Choose An Elegant White Dress

Then Add a Cloak and Silver Accessories for Your Icy Look. Finding a suitable adult sized dress for this winter look is not at all as easy as you might think. The goddess style of dress is an inexpensive and elegant choice which reviewers seem to love and it is in a bit of a stretchy crushed velvet style material which is very suitable for the winter theme as well as being flattering for many figure types.

A sparkling silver dress for a young ice princess
A sparkling silver dress for a young ice princess | Source

A Little Snow Princess - Frozen Winter Costumes for Little Girls

For a young girl's Ice or Snow Princess theme, there are plenty of great dressing up options that are available. Your main color choices should be whites, pale blues and silvers to get just the right look.

Luckily there are plenty of cute bridesmaid, communion and even some dressing up Cinderella outfits that could be adapted to make up a really sweet and adorable little White Witch, especially if you add a white faux fur or little velvet cape on top.

This pretty layered ice white girls snow queen costume also comes with some short gloves or glovelets making them even better value. Add in a pretty pair of white or silver shoes (ballet flats are a great option) and a sparkling tiara and/or hair accessories.

Any little princess is likely to want their own wand too so they can really feel like they're creating some magic of their own. With the addition of some sparkling silver accessories and just a tiny adjustment you can make her more like a Narnian Witch or a regal Snow Queen.

I suggest adding on a flowing white or silver cape or even a fluffy faux fur winter coat which will be the ideal thing to keep her warm with all those winter parties.

Another cute princess frost design is to look for dark blue, white and snowflake embellishments in silver. Of course blue is the color of Elsa's dress in Frozen - but don't get one of those as way too many people will be wearing one, opt for something slightly different but still on trend.

Winter lady woman white dress wrap
Winter lady woman white dress wrap | Source

Step 2 - Costume Wig and Hair

Try a Shimmering Silver Wig for Added Sparkle

Unless you actually do want to go with the rather harsh look of the dark blonde dreadlocks which is just how the White Witch Jadis is depicted in the Narnia movie from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe I suggest going for a much more elegant and glamorous style.

Choose to wear a long white, light blonde or silver head of hair. A styled wig like this will complement your winter themed outfit beautifully. Many vampire themed or cosplay wigs for ladies and girls are great options.

Long and wavy silver cosplay wig hair
Long and wavy silver cosplay wig hair

I suggest a more sophisticated hair style than opting for the Narnian Queen's movie dreadlocks! Choose a long white or silver cosplay wig to work with your icy winter theme.

The Actual Hairstyle of Jadis

If you're dressing up for a more serious cosplay then I can imagine that you want a few tips on how to really emulate the hair of the evil Queen in the 2005 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. If so, you'll need to find and purchase some long dreadlocks in a rather dark and dirty looking blonde shade!

Jadis in the movie versions, played to perfection by Tilda Swinton, had these heavy dreadlocks swept away from her face and they were made to stick out at the back of her head in a very unnatural fashion.

I believe her hair was styled this way on purpose and to really emphasize the idea that she's not human as Peter, Edmund, Lucy and Susan are who she pointedly calls Sons and Daughters of Eve. The harsh looking dreadlocks were her iconic look.

She also wore these thick, snake-like and coiled dreadlocks twisted over one shoulder to her front. That is the exact styling. When she was in her battle gear, Tilda's hair was removed from the imprisoned dreadlocks and was left long and rather like unkempt fur: it was a horrible parody on the mane of the lion called Aslan who she thought she had slain. You'll find lots more information on this topic below.

Step 3 - Sparkle with Accessories

A Note on Accessories to Include

These are suggestions based on the Jadis Queen look but you can pick and choose for your own unique style

1. Crown of Ice: In the movie, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, Jadis is shown with a tall and spiky icicle crown which looks really dramatic. You can really recreate that icicle crown look for yourself.

Get hold of some clear plastic or even glass icicle decorations (meant to hang for the festive Holiday season, and then use a hot glue gun to fix them onto a headband or a hair accessory that you can easily wear. Or choose a sparkling silver tiara or a spiky looking crown which could be used instead.

2. Long Sharp Wand: The wand of this fierce warrior lady actually does not look like your typical magic wand. It is actually much more like a terribly sharp and long silver spear made for hunting prey. If you want to be more authentic, consider purchasing a plastic spear and then spray paint it in silver for your dreaded Ice Queen.

For small girls, there are plenty of pretty fairy wands in white or silver. Or you could make your own. One for die-hard fans, there is a collector’s wand meant for display purposes and not as a costume prop and you might be lucky to find one on an auction site.

3. Shoes and Footwear: We never really get to look and see what shoes or footwear is favored by Jadis in the movies. However, choosing the right footwear can make or break the look of an outfit.

You can add in some elegance and glamor with metallics or glitters whether you are going for flat shoes or heels. I think that ballet flats always look gorgeous for girls.

Sparkling tiara crown
Sparkling tiara crown | Source

Sparkling Ways to Accessorize

Put on a sparkling tiara to look every inch as good as a real princess! Or add a beautiful snowflake adornment into your hair. Add on a magical wand and get your party shoes on for a fun night out dressed in character.

Step 4 - Narnia Queen Costume Jewelry

Winter Inspired Costume Jewelry

Jadis does not wear jewelry in her latest movie appearance and, actually, her mere presence is more than dramatic enough as it is with her fierce dreadlock and snake style hair and highly stylized gown.

Without the aid of lots of help, us mere mortals do not usually look that commanding. Choosing the right jewelry can therefore really help to enhance your costume. Think of using pale blues, silvers, clear glass and diamond effects for that winter-inspired witch costume.

Think of soft snowflakes and ice, crisp frosty whites, clear shining crystal, shimmering silver, sparkling diamonds and pretty pearls and opals. If you are opting to wear a plunging neckline then a rather bold and dramatic necklace would be the perfect accessory.

If you're wearing your hair swept back from your face then earrings would be the number one choice. Or a bracelet if you have shorter sleeves to really show it off. You only need one absolute key, Ice Queen piece of jewelry to really look the part.

Popular Jewelry for an Ice Queen include:

  • Snowflake Jewelry
  • Icicle Dangle Drop Earrings
  • Clear Swarovski Crystal
  • Sparkling White Gold and Diamond Jewelry

Beautiful snowflake necklace
Beautiful snowflake necklace

Dangle Icicle Earrings - And a Shimmering Snowflake Necklace

Aren't these just the perfect earrings! They actually look like pretty little icicles dangling down. I hand-picked these earrings because they really do look like hanging icicles which will create a dramatic, ice maiden look if you have short hair or long hair which is swept away from your face.

A shimmering bracelet, necklace or earrings that look like they are made from little icicles or particles of snow will make a perfect addition to your ice queen theme.

Step 5 - Frosted Make Up Effects

Winter Snow Queen Make Up

The whole look for a snow princess or ice queen would be to go for a rather frosty make-up effect. Of course, young girls are pretty enough without any addition of actual make-up but I know from my own daughter how much face paint or make up is enjoyed as a rare treat for dressing up. And at least you can now purchase special make-up for kids which is better and not so harsh on young and sensitive skin.

The make-up I've shown here is really designed for much older children and adults. A slightly whitened face, some silver and white eyes and eyelashes which look like they are tinged with soft snowflakes, and just a slick of clear lip gloss is all you need for a true Narnian witch.

White Frosted Eyes - For Those Sophisticated and Cool Icy Stares

White and a very pale ice blue used in moderation will make perfect color palettes for your makeup. I recommend putting most of the work into your eyes for this character because Tilda Swinton, the witch in the Narnia movies, always has such a fierce and dramatic look.

The make-up was very much about her powerful, domineering eyes and her glare which was enough to turn anyone to stone at whim. She actually didn't wear tons of dramatic makeup but being such a fantastic actress, she didn't need to in order to get the extent of her power and strength across.

White eyelashes makeup cosmetics for a winter theme snow ice queen look
White eyelashes makeup cosmetics for a winter theme snow ice queen look | Source

Don't Forget the Nails!

Think about applying some amazing silver glitter nail polish that really and truly catches the light with the individual glitter pieces. Paint it onto your toes and wear strappy toeless shoes or sandals to give your feet a real wow factor. You will be transformed into a real ice princess.

EXTRA: Dress Like the Narnia Witch Jadis

The Narnian Winter Witch Style

In the 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' 2005 movie, Jadis was seen in an amazing array of 7 stunning outfits. Her very first costume, which is visible when we first see her in the scene where she offers Edmund some Turkish Delight, is a long strapless white dress which is stiff and unyielding to represent her character and not soft and flowing as we'd normally expect.

This outfit was actually painstakingly created from many layers of silk then felted wool and organza and a final layer of a beautiful lace overlay. The bodice is crisp white which then gradually fades to a pale light blue towards the bottom or hem of the gown.

Did you notice how, in the movie, the clothes of Jadis actually get rather grayer and duller as her magical powers over Narnia start to wane? As time passes on, her ice crown also starts to melt.

Jadis really starts off looking so strong, powerful and regal in her first nearly all white dress. But then, towards the end, her outfit in the harrowing scenes where Aslan is sacrificed has changed into a dramatic midnight blue which is covered with black lace.

If you already have a white dress (or even a plain white pants or trouser outfit) you could use that as the basis of your costume and then dress it up completely with some of my accessory ideas on this page. Perhaps you already have a white dressing up costume, bridesmaid, party or prom dress which you could use.

Who's Your Favorite Icy Maiden?

Who's Your Favorite Icy Maiden?

See results

© 2011 Marie

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    • profile image

      Lale 3 years ago

      Thanks ! We have a fall festival at our church every year , and this years theme is narnia ! And my brother and I are in charge of it this year , and he asked me to dress up as the white witch ! This was very helpful !

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 3 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      pretty terrific costumes! very creative and I'm sure many will find this page helpful

    • rebekah-grelen profile image

      rebekah-grelen 4 years ago

      I love the whole concept of how you put your costume lenses together. Very well done, you're inspiring me on how to construct some of my own lenses (I'm brand new here). Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      BlowDryBar 4 years ago

      Beautiful costume and great detailed instructions.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @OneHappyFeet: Thank you for your visit.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @rahuls66: Ha ha, yes. This witch costume is quite exciting. It's beautiful.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @ClassyGals: Thank you very much, it was a pleasure to put it all together.

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Love the white witch costumes, especially the ice jewelry. Blessed**

    • profile image

      rahuls66 5 years ago

      Interesting ideas!! Didn't know that a witch costume could be exciting!

    • OneHappyFeet profile image

      Lora Riley 5 years ago

      This is an really informative site. Thank you,

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you :)

    • spids lm profile image

      spids lm 5 years ago

      These are great! What a fun talent to have!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Cute clothing, I like them a great introduction. :)

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @tobydavis: Thank you so much for stopping by, Toby.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @KimGiancaterino: Thank you, Kim.

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 5 years ago

      Boo-lessed! Happy Halloween 2012!

    • TaraWojt profile image

      Tara Wojtaszek 5 years ago

      Such a beautiful costume idea!

    • DeepaVenkitesh LM profile image

      DeepaVenkitesh LM 5 years ago

      now I wish I had a girl, touchwood

    • tobydavis profile image

      tobydavis 5 years ago

      Fab lens - love the range of info from make-up tips to jewelry - very comprehensive info :-)

    • victoriahaneveer profile image

      victoriahaneveer 5 years ago

      These are gorgeous! Loving the silver and white. I'd choose one of these costumes over a traditional scary witch in black.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @mihgasper: Bad witches in disguise! That's a good one - I never thought of that :)

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      White is perfect for good witches and it is also useful for bad witches in disguise!

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you for letting me know - I'm really delighted that this has helped you and I hope you make a fab Snow Queen on your 30th :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thanks for your help, I'm dressing as a 'Snow Queen' for my 30th birthday and this has helped so much :)

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @TTMall: Thank you very much :)

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 6 years ago from New York

      Great Idea for a lens and wonderful ideas for a white witch costume.

    • TTMall profile image

      TTMall 6 years ago

      Great Lens with great resources!

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @Kailua-KonaGirl: Thank you, KonaGirl

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @LouisaDembul: Thank you so much for your visit which I appreciate very much.

    • LouisaDembul profile image

      LouisaDembul 6 years ago

      Very nice presentation of Narnia white witch costumes, everything we need is here!

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @yourselfempowered: Thank you so much for sprinkling your Angel dust on my White Witch page :)

    • yourselfempowered profile image

      Odille Rault 6 years ago from Gloucester

      Wow, beautiful suggestions here! Good luck in the Tier 1 Challenge. Blessed :)

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @KarenCookieJar: Yes, she is very different to the style of witch I had in mind from reading the books. But I think Tilda Swinton does a great job of acting the part. Thanks for your feedback and your visit.

    • profile image

      KarenCookieJar 6 years ago

      I've always loved the white witch when I read 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' I was disappointed with the movie version of her.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @squidoopets: It would be fun, my little girl would love that. I think you could adapt the look for a White Winter fairy very easily by adding some cute white wings. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • squidoopets profile image

      Darcie French 6 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      One could dress up as a narnia white witch and go to a fairy themed birthday party, that would be fun :)

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @Blackspaniel1: Thank you for your visit.

    • Blackspaniel1 profile image

      Blackspaniel1 6 years ago


    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @Bellezza-Decor: Thank you so much, MiaBellezza

    • Bellezza-Decor profile image

      Bellezza-Decor 6 years ago from Canada

      Beautiful costumes for Halloween!

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @Track29: Thank you for your lovely comment and good luck to you too.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @ZCademy: Yes it's really got the essence of winter. Thanks for stopping by to visit my White Witch Costume page.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @MagpieNest: Thank you very much for your comment.

    • profile image

      Track29 6 years ago

      I'm visiting the lens in the Tier 1 Lens Challenge. Best of luck to you with your lens about the Narnia white witch costume!

    • ZCademy profile image

      ZCademy 6 years ago from Northeast North America, Earth

      Your lens makes me cold just reading it! Lots of detail.

    • MagpieNest profile image

      MagpieNest 6 years ago

      A great winter costume idea.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @aesta1: Thank you so much for stopping by on my Narnia White Witch Costume page.

    • Craftymarie profile image

      Marie 6 years ago

      @CanadaREVIEW: Even if I was a wee bit slimmer, I don't think I have the personality to pull off the sexy white witch look! But you sound like you could for sure because it requires a bit of confidence and a sense of fun I guess :) Thanks so much for your comments which were great to read.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Am not familiar with all these so I am just enjoying looking at them.

    • CanadaREVIEW profile image

      CanadaREVIEW 6 years ago

      This was an incredibly fun lens! If I was 15lbs less I would be brave enough to go out as a sexy white witch this weekend! This is something to file for Halloween next year for me, heck I might just get dressed up (as per your suggestion in your lens) and scare my grandparents on Christmas all in white, with white hair just to see them laugh, very creative lens!


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