Princess Bride Buttercup Costume

Updated on September 20, 2019
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Halloween is a favorite time of year for Marie and her family—they go all-out with their decorations and costumes for this fun occasion.

The Princess Buttercup's Red Riding Costume
The Princess Buttercup's Red Riding Costume | Source

Princess Buttercup was played by the actress Robin Wright in the movie The Princess Bride. If you're trying to hunt down the right costume for a Princess Buttercup cosplay or Halloween costume, you might consider the most recognized outfit she wears: her red riding habit or gown that is worn through most of the movie. If you're going as a duo with the masked hero Westley, then the best combination of outfits is her red gown and him dressed up as the very suave Man in Black also known as The Dread Pirate Roberts.

You cannot buy any of these actual Princess Bride costumes, but you can put them together fairly easily if you know what to look for. You could even sew them yourself with a suitable pattern. That's where this page gives you all the costume help you need to get right into character.

The introduction image belongs to the author of this article: Marie Williams Johnstone

The Red Riding Costume

You cannot buy an official complete outfit or costume for this character. Very rarely will a complete costume from a fan make its way onto eBay, which you can then buy, but they are truly few and far between, and very costly too.

The Most Widely Recognized Princess Bride Outfit

This page focuses on Princess Buttercup's red riding habit or gown costume, which is what she is best known for in the movie and what she wears for the best part of it while she is kidnapped, dragged around by Vizzini, and also then rescued by her hero The Man in Black AKA the Dread Pirate Roberts and her one true love, Westley.

Some Red Dress Suggestions for Your Outfit

For a Halloween costume, you don't need to get exact over your Princess Buttercup costume. It's a red dress with a gold belt, and she's got long blonde hair—those are the main points to note. If you want a costume for cosplay or if you need the outfit to look much closer in detail, then keep scrolling down as I've got other suggestions for you too.

These are my favorite current picks, all of which deviate a bit from the actual riding outfit but are good costume choices nevertheless. I like the idea of a red blouse, which you could then add a red skirt to or even red or black pants if you were doing a modern take on the outfit!

Great red riding costume dress for Buttercup from the Princess Bride
Great red riding costume dress for Buttercup from the Princess Bride | Source

A red peasant dress is a close look. The red riding dress is a long length, plain red (bright orange red rather than purple red) gown with long, billowing sleeves. It is given definition around the waist with a gold color belt. A red peasant or medieval style dress are close looks. If you want an almost exact look, a red graduation gown is really close. Although that's not as sexy!

A medieval fantasy red dress can also work. It's a look that is similar to her outfit and one that is very flattering to wear, too.

See the Outfit for Yourself

Watch Robin Wright in action and see exactly how her outfit looks for yourself. These scenes between Robin Wright and Cary Elwes give very good views of the dress where you can see it up close.

Enough about my beauty. Everyone always talks about how beautiful I am. I've got a mind, Wesley. Talk about that.

— Buttercup

Because this is a commercial site, I'm not permitted to put images here straight from the movie to show you exactly what this Red Riding outfit is like. I have included a video to show you what it is like on this page and I can also direct you to some excellent resources packed with photos that will help you:

The best way to get an authentic-looking styling is to either make the gown or get a seamstress to make it for you using the resources I've listed above as a guide. If you want to buy something similar, then search costume sites and also eBay for a plain red medieval style dress with long sleeves. The actual movie gown looks like a brighter orange red rather than a dark wine red.

Hair Style Fit for a Princess

Buttercup has long, dark blonde hair which has no bangs or fringe and is parted in the middle. For her red riding habit or gown, she has loose waves in hair long hair (looks like it was crimped) and the side strands are taken back away from her face and tied at the back with a simple hair knot. The styling looks very similar to this costume wig which you could tie back a few side strands on. If you have long blonde hair then you could style it yourself or look for a good quality plain hair wig and style it yourself.

The Gold Belt

A gold color works wonderfully with a red costume! The Princess wears a belt over her red riding costume which looks like it is a red and gold patterned fabric embroidered waist belt. In some images it looks more gold than others. A close enough look to make her costume would be to look for a gold tassel belt or get some gold color cording that you can tie around your waist.

Red Boots for Her Highness

To complete your Princess Costume, you'll also need some flat red boots. It's hard to tell how exactly how high Buttercup's boots are in The Princess Bride movie as you rarely see them but they are indeed long boots and not just ankle boots. With a very long dress, you could just wear red shoes, even paint some canvas shoes red if you need to.

Westley Costume for a Halloween Duo

Making up a cosplay or costume duo? Need a matching hero outfit as well? Here’s my Westley, Dread Pirate Roberts Costume Page.

Your Favorite Character from this Movie?

Your Favorite Character from this Movie?

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Halloween is soon and this is a timely tip for Moms who have girls. It is not hard to do either.

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      6 years ago from USA

      I'm watching this right now. How cool is that?


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